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Up in the Air

Ryan B. is someone who works in a large companies, he 'is experts the reduction of an
employee or a commonly called fle. He lives from the hotel to the hotel, got on the plane so used
to him as up the car. On his journey, he met with businesswoman named Alex and relationships
without status.
One day Ryan has a new employee named Natalie Keener. She gave an idea want to fire
someone using video conference. It is intended that the company did not pay that much for a trip.
Ryan don ' t agree with the idea of Natalie, he did not want to spend time at an office that he felt
was quite fun.
Finally, Ryan asked Natalie to take a trip abroad. With the aim to teach how to dismiss
people with Natalie. In the presence of events with Natalie and Alex, Ryan aware of the current
life is not normal. Life away from their families and do not have a partner. He was aware of it,
that life should be tinged with a lot of interesting things. He was trying to fix itself by having
Alex, she wanted her relationship with Alex is clearly and has a purpose. However, Alex already
had a family. Ryan hopes crushed and Alex just assume Ryan as her only when on the go.
Should Ryan can have a normal life with family and happy life. The boss should actually
had to let alone to be more polite and employees feel more honorable or Ryan should give reason
why employees were fired. Natalie, actually very good idea because more efficient and save the
company. But it is not polite again and less esteemed if conference, using any video for
employees felt himself not rewarded. So the right decision to dismiss employees is through
authority someone in a corporation ( HRD ) with clear and ripe before deposing someone.