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PART A 2203 may 2013

1. (a) sharp fall
There was a sharp fall in the number of road accidents in Malaysia from 2021 cases in 1990 to 102
cases in 2000.
(b) increased
The number of road accidents in Malaysia increased sharply from 2021 cases in 1990 to 5102 cases in
The reported cases of snatch theft in the country increased dramatically from 220 in 2010 to 2200 in

2. refer 7.4: pg 139
A Gantt chart is used for scheduling and tracking key events that are necessary to complete a project.

3. a) Choosing the right words in letter writing enables a writer to get his points across accurately.
b) It also helps to avoid ambiguity as the message in the letter is written and not spoken. No further
explanation is attached in a letter.

4. Pg 112
Bad news letter has to be first written with a courteous opening.
Next, the writer needs to explain the situation fully and clearly.
Then, state the bad news and finally, close with a positive paragraph.

5. a) i) Could I take your message please?
b) Could you ask X to call me back please? / Could you pass a message to X please?

42012 Gombak. I have just completed my form five and wish to enquire about the types of courses available in your institute. 321 JalanMuda.Jalan Hang Tuah. Selangor. 123. 42100 Petaling Jaya. Selangor. Yours faithfully. (CLAIRE LOPES) . Please send me the relevant brochures if you have any. COURSES OFFERED I am writing in response to your advertisement in The Star newspaper dated 19 July. Dear Sir. LETTER OF ENQUIRY Claire Lopes. Your cooperation and prompt action are greatly appreciated.PART B 1 (A). I would also like to obtain relevant information on the course schedule. 21 JULY 2013 The Marketing Department. fees and duration of each course. Jaya Institute of Excellence.

1 (B) LETTER OF REPLY The Marketing Department Jaya Institute of Excellence 321 Jalan Muda 42012 Gombak Selangor 25 JULY 2013 Claire Lopes 123 Jalan Hang Tuah 42100 Petaling Jaya Selangor Dear Madam AVAILABILITY OF COURSES On behalf of the institute.jayainstituteofexcellence. students need not worry as arrangement can be made with our marketing department prior to their registration with us free of charge. We are looking forward to hearing your a favourable reply. For your information. There are many advantages of enrolling in this institute. Yours faithfully (AMY CHAN) The Marketing Manager . Enclosed herewith are the brochures requested or just visit our website address for more information at transportation and food are easily available. may take up as much as RM 8 000 per semester for 8 to 10 semesters while a course in arts may range from RM 4 000 to RM 6000 per semester for 7 to 8 semesters. they vary based on courses that an undergraduate wishes to pursue. As accommodation is not provided by the institute. Those who miss the first intake on the first of May could enrol for the second on the 15th of November. commerce and arts stream students. Jaya Institute of Excellence is now capable of offering 25 courses which cater to the various needs of First. the most popular course at present is Bachelor of Pharmacy in which we have almost 250 students from within and outside the country. We can assure you that there are no hidden charges. In terms of fees. A course in pure science for instance. we would like to thank you for your interest in the courses offered.Typically. Since the establishment of the institute in 1983. it is strategically located near a township where banking facilities. all courses are scheduled to commence in May and November each year.

NEXT. FIRST. Note down all ideas in point form This is to ensure that you have included all relevant points and are not relying on memory alone 4. unfamiliar words and long structures 6. Read the letter to ensure that you will achieve your purpose The recipient should be able to respond in the manner desired 7. Decide what you want to say Only include information relevant to the purpose 3. Rewrite if necessary Check the order of information and details. including grammar and spelling . Write the first draft using plain English Avoid jargon. Decide on the purpose of letter Ask yourself why you are writing this letter and stay focussed on this purpose 2. Pg 100 (a) There 3 categories of letters: good news. clichés. (b) Pg 99 : Checklist for writing good business letter. MOREOVER. FINALLY. neutral and bad news letters.2. BESIDES. Order all ideas in point form Arrange the information in an order appropriate for the purpose 5. AFTER THAT. THEN. 1.

Kuala Lumpur. I hereby confirm my attendance to the said course on 23rd August in Kamelia Hotel. Cynthia . AM 3 (b) e-mailPg 154 To: Mr Amir Ahmad (amir@yahoo. I shall inform another staff who was on leave yesterday about the course. Be looking forward for the course. MEMO Memorandum TO: All junior employees of Subs Sandwiches FROM: Amir Ahmad. BTW.3 (a).com) Cc: Mdm Ana (aana@yahoo. With reference to your memorandum dated 21st of July. the sales manager DATE: 21 July 2013 SUBJECT: Training course on ‘Customers are our Priority’ It is compulsory for all junior employees working as cashiers and waiters to attend the course on 23 rd of August in Kamelia Hotel. Please send me a show cause letter by 5 of August should anyone be unable to attend the course on the said From: Cynthia Lopes (cynthia@gmail. All expenses such as food and transportation will be borne by the company.

Report Intro: date of visit.2 No facilities nearby. road accessibility .1 Location: Near to a gas station?Palm oil plantation?SUITABLE or not? Smoke emitted by the factory / wasteland: foul smell. water that seeps into the land that will eventually affect our water resources 2.0 not feasible to develop the area PART C Question 2 . health : rats. mosquitoes : aedes. obj (read the question) 2. snakes. whom have you gone with. no electricity & water.0 site assessment 2. no township nearby 3.


But when trainings were further reduced to 10. it did not impact much on the productivity level. 2001 saw a surge in the demand of courses reaching to eight.0 Conclusion All in all. 2. it increased significantly to 24% when training courses were correspondingly increased. when training courses were intensified in 2009 with 26 courses and then increased to 33 in 2010. when trainings were intensified. With only 20% of productivity level in 2000. However. it dropped slightly to 31% in 2008 from 32% a year before.1. when training courses were reduced.3 Trends with regards to productivity levels from 2003 to 2006 The 2003 to 2006 period was the worst in terms of productivity levels of the staff.0 Recommendations As training programmes are important to an organisation to improve its productivity level.0 Introduction The graphs below display/show/portray the training courses conducted from 2000 to 2010 and the productivity level of the staff who attended the courseduring the same period. when trainings were again increased in 2003. the productivity fell to 21% when training courses were decreased. Likewise. 2. training courses remained static with 20 from 2007 to 2008. there was afluctuation in the number of courses offered from 2000 to 2003. Therefore. 2. productivity level was hugely affected when it reached the lowest in the year with a mere 12%. it dropped to only four in 2002 but increased significantly to 12 the following year. the productivity level of the staff is influenced by the number of courses offered in a year.0 Training Courses and Productivity Level 2.1 Trend with regards to the number of training courses from 2000 to 2003 Clearly. . 4. This trend is probably influenced by the training courses offered in the same period of time.2 Trendswith regards to the number of training courses from 2007 to 2010 During the three-year-period from 2007 to 2010. There was a stagnant level of productivity with 26% in both 2003 and 2004 but it plunged to the lowest at 12% in 2005 but then recovered to 29% in 2006. This trend in the fluctuation of training courses offered seems to be similar in the productivity level of staff. This did not help in the productivity level when in fact. the productivity level of the staff would drop. the productivity would be increased. Starting with only two courses in 2000. the productivity level of staff also jumped to 26%. In the same way. Nevertheless. Likewise. 3. When training was cut down to 11 in 2004 from 12 in 2003. it is therefore recommended that all organisations should take up the initiative to invest on trainings to enable its staff to be more productive and professional in their workplace. productivity level of staff rose substantially to 38 in 2009 and peaked at 39 in 2010.

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