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1. A 1.00-m-long uniform rod with mass 1.

5 kg is supported at its ends by wires A
and B of equal length. The cross-sectional area of A is 2.00 mm 2 and that of B is
4.00 mm2. Young’s modulus for wire A is 1.80 x 1011 Pa; that for B is 1.20 x 10 11
Pa. At what point along the rod should a weight w = 29.4 N be suspended to
produce equal stresses in A and B.
2. Block 1 of mass m1 slides from rest along a frictionless ramp from height h =
4.50 m and then collides with stationary block
2, which has mass m 2 = 2.0 m1. After the
collision, block 2 slides into a region where the
coefficient of kinetic friction μk is 0.400 and
comes to a stop in distance d within that
region. What is the value of distance d if the collision is completely elastic?
3. A bucket of water with a mass of 10kg is suspended by a rope wrapped around a
windlass in the form of a solid cylinder 0.4m in diameter, with a mass of 5 kg.
The cylinder is pivoted on a frictionless axle through its center. The bucket is
released from rest at the top of a well and falls 40m to the water. ( I of a solid
cylinder =

MR ¿

a. What is the tangential acceleration of the bucket?
b. What is the tension in the rope while the bucket is falling?

4. A 15 kg solid gold statue is being raised from a sunken ship. What is the tension
in the
hoisting cable when the statue is at rest and completely immersed in
the water? Density of gold is 19.3 x 103 kg/m3.
5. A roller in printing press, with a shape of a solid cylinder and has a mass of 5 kg,
through an angle θ(t) given by θ(t) = γt2 – βt3, where γ = 3.20 rad/s 2 and
β = 0.500 rad/s3.
a. What is the maximum positive angular velocity and
b. at what value of t does it occur?

6. Water enters a house through a pipe with an inside diameter of d at an
absolute pressure of 4 x 105 Pa. A pipe, with diameter half of the first, leads
to the 2nd floor bathroom 10 m above. When the flow speed is 2 m/s, find
the: a) flow speed b) pressure and c) volume flow rate in the bathroom.