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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Bohol
Municipality of Jagna

Activity Design No. _________
Training Design No. ___________
Date Prepared: November 15, 2010

1. Activity Information
Activity Title



P 8,000.00
ITS SAFE CENTER, Dao, Tagbilaran City

Implementer (NGA/LGU)



Ms. Anna Ria B. Araneta

2. Rationale and Background
Calamay is one of the priority century-old product of Jagna to be developed in terms of its organization, market
and the product itself.
Last year was the conduct of Calamay Strategic Planning. One of the Calamay makers concern is the shelf-life
of their product which as of the moment, will last only for a week. Their urgent need is to be assisted on how they
can come up or produce at least 2-week shelf-life. By this, their market would be widened thus increasing their
sales as well.

3. Objective/Expected Immediate Outcome or Result
Experimented a 2-week shelf-life of Calamay using new technology.

4. Expected Output/s
Produced a 2-week shelf life Calamay at ITS SAFE Center.

5. Participants
There will only be 1 calamay maker from Jagna, 2 Food Technicians from MAO-Jagna and ITS SAFE center
who will experiment on the Calamay shelf life. The calamay maker will only be present during the 1 st day of
experimentation. The rest of the days will be taken cared for by the Food Technician of MAO-Jagna and ITS SAFE

6. Methodology

There will be 3 treatments based on storage location : a) cool-dry place; b) ref temp and c) expose to

container (small) 8. aroma. sugar (brown) 8.6.2. Post-Training Activities There will be a transfer of technology of the new improved Calamay to be conducted after the experimentation will be successfully done. texture and sweetness. 4.00 Prepared and submitted by: ANNA RIA B. 8. ARANETA Food Technician . Schedule is indefinite.7. bagol (small) 8.2.00 Ok as to Availability of Funds: RAYMOND F. 7. Budget Requirement Description (1) Unit (2) Price (3) Quantity (4) Cost (Php) GWP/ Others CIDA (7) (6) 2.00 8. shrinkable seal 8.00 LGU (5) 8.00           1.000. retortable cup 8. glutinous rice 8.00 8.1.2. m.2. GERRY V.2 Supplies & Materials 8.5.00 4.     sunlight For every treatment there will be 15 samples For every treatment there will be 3 types of packaging : a) bagol.730.2.000.1. sugar (kinugay) 8.MAO Ok as to Appropriation: BRIGIDA B. 1. whole coconut (big) 8.00 Per diem = 200. ACERON Municipal Budget Officer 2.00 Transpo w/in Tagb = 28. lid Contingency TOTAL TOTAL (8) 3. ARANETA Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Ok as to Cost and Estimates: Check and reviewed by: .000. Traveling allowance V-hire =P160.730. CUADRA Assistant Municipal Treasurer Recommending Approval: ENGR.8. b) microwavable container and c) retortable cup Ng Remy’s formulation will be used during the experiment Modern technology will be used to produce the product (autoclave. There will be a 2-week daily monitoring of the product’s taste.

___________________________ Supply Officer _______________________ Any BAC Member Approved by: FORTUNATO R. ABRENILLA Municipal Mayor .