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Course Description

University: Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Code: KObčP PrF/

Course name: Consumer Law

Type , extent and method of instruction:
Course type: Lecture / Practical
Recommended number of periods:
13 / 13
Method of study: present
Number of credits: 5
Recommended semester/trimester: 2.
Level: II.
Course completion conditions:
The condition for passing the course is a written work – essay from chosen topic without partial
evaluation. Final assessment is under the rating scale according to the Study Regulations UMB.
Course aims:
Introduction to the normative regulation and theory of consumer law and definition of its basic
Protection of consumer rights. Student gain the knowledge how to protect the rights of consumer.
Making students become familiar with particular normative acts which regulate the area of
consumer law.
Focus on European regulation of consumer law. Comparison of national regulations in chosen
European countries.
Brief outline of the course:
Consumer law - its basic characteristics; Normative regulation of consumer law; Protection of
consumers rights; Method of protection; Internet purchasing and protection of consumer; False
advertising of goods; Endangering health of consumer; International legal aspects of consumer
rights, International and European Treaties and cooperation, European and international protection
of consumer; Comparison of consumer law regulation in chosen countries.
Recommended literature:
DRGONCOVÁ, J.: Spotrebiteľské právo v Slovenskej republike a v Európskej únii, Šamorín:
Heuréka 2007. ISBN 978-808912-245-5
SULECKÁ, M.: Ochrana spotřebitele v soukromém právu, Praha: C.H. Beck 2008. ISBN
HAVLÍK, R.: Ochrana spotřebitele v EU při obchodování po internetu, Praha: Key publishing
2012, ISBN 978-807418-095-8
SEKERA, M., Komunitárne a slovenské legislatívne piliere ochrany spotrebiteľa, Praha: Key
publishing 2013, ISBN 978-807418-174-0
LAZAR, J. a kol.: Občianske právo hmotné 2, Bratislava: IURA EDITION, 2010. ISBN
WEATHERILL, S., EU Consumer law and policy, Edward Elgar Publishing 2005, ISBN
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I.0 0. 2014.2014 Aproved by: Strana: 2 . EU Consumer law and human rights. seminars 64 hours – self study Course assessment A B 100. Juraj Takáč Last chandged: 08.0 0.BENÖHR.0 0. Oxford University Press.09.0 0. ISBN 978-019965-197-9 Language of instuction: english Notes:student time load: 90 hours Form of study: 26 hours – lectures.0 Instructor: JUDr..0 C D E FX(0) FX(1) 0.0 0.