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Kindergarten Parent Newsletter # 20

Dear Families,
We are starting our twentieth story in our reading
program My Lucky Day. We will be working on the letter
l. We will be teaching the students to associate the
letter l with the letter sound /l/. We will practice
reading the sentences below in class. Our popcorn words
this week are: are
Popcorn Words: to, a, I, am, the, little, have, is, we,
my, like, he, for, me, with, she, see, look, they, you, of,
are, that, do


Words to know: lip, lad, do, lap, lid, fill, that, hill, lit, are,
doll, Bill
That little lad is sad.
That is my doll.
Are you Bill?

Do they have a doll?

Are they in the lab?