Games Workshop artists Wayne England and Stephen Tappin are
currently building a huge Imperial Dwarf army for War hammer
Fantasy Battle. When it's finished, it will be 5,000 points including
allies. Wayne and Steve chose Dwarfs as there seemed to be lots of
Ore, Chaos, Elf and Skaven armies around but no·one at the Studio
was fighting with a Dwarf army. The large range of Dwarf Citadel
Miniatures also gave them plenty of scope for painting, from bare·
fleshed Troll Slayers to fully.armoured Hammerers.
Before they started, me)' decided on an overdl feel for Ihe

mad with his skills on these miniatures - after all, hc's still got

whole ann)" focusing on blue as the household colour of the
Dwarf king - all the units will have blue somewhere on them.

!.he rcst of an ann)' to paint!

The farst models Wayne's fmished are a unit of Longbeards:
elite Dwarfs in heavy annour. Wayne's chosen to give them a
strong heraldic colour schei'ne using white and the household
blue. Using blue for gloves, helmets and scabbards on some of
the Dwarfs helps to reinforce the unifying theme.

Although Wayne's a brilliant artist, as you'll know from his
work on our games and in White Dwarf. he didn't want to go

He wanted I quick method of painting so he could get the unit
onto the tabletop and inlo playas soon as possible. It'll like
him quile a while to fmish off lhe whole army, but he can start
playing small baules once he's gollwo or three wllts ready.
So, rather than paint intricate symbols on tabards and shields,
he chose a strong geometric pauem that will stand out clearly
when the whole army's fielded. This is quick 10 painl and
produces a neat, clean finish.
He decided to use simple solid colours as much as possible
combined with quick drybrushing straight onto the undercoat
where appropriate. This means that once he' s lmdercoated the
models. most areas need just one or two COlts of paint In fact,
because the first COlt defines all the main areas of colour, he
can begin fighting battles with his Dwarfs even before he adds
the second COlt.
He started off by cleaning up the miniatures, sticking them to
their bases and luaching their shields. He Wldercoated them
with thinned-down Chaos Black and drybrushed the areas of
mail and armour with Mithril Silver. Because the Dwarfs are
heavily-annoured. he quiclcly produced good results.

Note the addition or lhe
,run and yellow band on the
hebnet - the same coloun as
on the pennant flying from
the banner pole. Details like
this give individuality to the
modeh without denroying

the unit theme.

Next Wayne used Skull White to neatly undercoat tunics,
faces and so on. He mlde sure this coat opaquely oovered the
black to give a good base for the next stage. He left black
showing around the edges of gloves. helmets etc so he didn't
need to line these areas later.
The faces were painted with Bronzed Aesh and then given a
thin wash of Brown Ink. The whites of the eyes and a small

You can see that Wayne's clever choice of a black tmderc:oat
has simplified the work he needs to do right the way through
the painting, from Ihe large areas of armour down to the small
details. Although this is a fast and simple technique, the
models look striking and make a great unit.
The bases were painted with Bestial Brown and Woodland
Green. When this was dry, Wayne painted PVA glue onto the
bases and sprinlded. sand over them. Once the glue had set, he
brushed off the excess sand and dtybrushed the bases with a
mix of Sunburst Yellow and Bilious Green.

Thil Lonabeard with iron
helmet and breastplate clearly
moWI how aood Wayne'l metal
tc:<:hn.iquc 1ookI; simply Milhril
Silver drybrus.hed over a 01_
Black undercoat.. NOI.e the white
line painted on the dark mouth
for teeth.

An occ..ionaJ W<lUnded model
in a unit is very effective. This
Iwn h.. been made by a llTIall
blood. of red paint on a wet
lurface which allOWI the paint
10 Ipread and looks very
realistic. It's best 10 underplay
thue effects - a whole unit
drowned in gon: looks terrible.

dot for the pupils were painted with a steady hand using a very
fine brush - a thin black line was then added round the eyes to
neaten Ihem up.

Wayne cut the banner out of the metal foil of a tube of tomato
puree. He deliberately kept the design simple, painting it with
quarters of blue and white, the same colours u sed for the
shields and lunics. The edge of the banner wu frayed by
making a lot small euts very e1o.se together and this fringe wu
painted with Shining Gold.
Wayne fixed the banner to a piece of stiff, thick wire and then
glued it into a hole he'd driDed in Ihe top of the Dwarfs hand.
All in all, an impressive unit that will look 8reat on the
tabletop, painted wilh quick simple techniques .
We look forward to seeing more of this Dwarf anny.

The tunics and shields were painted in the unit's distinctive
blue and wh ite halved pattern. The blue areas were first
painted wi!h Moody Blue. Wayne !hen quickly blocked in Ihe
highlights, adding Skull White to Moody Blue for Ihese. Once
Ihe paint was dry, the blue areas are completed wi!h a wash of
thinned Moody Blue. For the white areas, Wayne's simply
added a thin wash of Brown Ink.
The Dwarfs ' hair and beards hadn' t been painted white so
they were just given a drybrush of Elf Grey over the black.
Weapons and equipmcnt were painted with browns, silver and
gold as required. The black undercoat was left showing in the
depressions, such as between the fingers, and at the edge of
belts etc.

You'llonotice that there's a mix of weapons carried by !he
Dwarfs but !heir unit profile lists them as armed with hand
weapons. Wayne included some Dwarfs with double-handed
weapons - and even one firing a pistol - to add variety to the
Dwarfs' appearance. This is perfectly fine because the
majority of the unit are armed with hand weapons such as
swords, hammers and axes. On the tabletop, Ihey an count as
armed with hand weapons, whatever the model is actually

The dark lines lert showing from the unden:oat clearly dd"me the
differenlaJUI of colour and provide effective s.hadews.

These Longbeards are going to be a oore unit in our Dwarf
army, so we chose the maximum unit size. A musician and
standard bearer are essential parIS of the unit -the bonusea
they give on the tabletop are well worth the points and the
models give us me chance to add extra colour and character
to Ihe unit. Because we want the Longbeards to stand rock
solid in combat, we made the standard a magical war
banner. We've chosen to make Prince Kargrim a level 10
hero to get the unit's leadership up to the maximum IO.










Hand weapon, heavy InTIOUr and shield - unit includes musician
and standard beater with magic standard (WIT banner)

This mode l finn, a pinal has
his.xe sluna LO his belt.. Variant
armamentl and poses in a unit
add realism, interest and

Prince Kararim, the unil's
champion, is a member of the
royal household, shown by his
CI'O'Ir"!led helm.








3 10+1 7








Hand weapon, heavy armour and JhieId