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Opportunity with ADCO Services Expected Monthly salary (in USD) Have you been contacted by another agency for the same position? Please send us a brief description why do you think you can fit to the role Tell us about your self Why did you choose this career ? What Goals do you have in this career? Why do you want to work here? Can you work well under deadlines or pressure? Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline? How do you plan to achieve this goals? Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed? What three Specific Job Positions do you target from the Company? YES NO .

and expiry date d) Single or Married and ( total no.Possible previous experience in U. country? Yes/No If so. please precise when (month/ year) and the type of visa that was issued & under which sponsorship? b) Have you ever worked in another G. please precise when (month / year) and whether the related visa(s) was/were cancelled.C.E (for visa purpose) a) Have you ever been in UAE? YES NO YES NO If so. c) Passport No.C. of dependants apart from Self) Date Completed & Confirmation of Information Stated above: .A.