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Laura Butcher

HLTH 1050
April 24, 2016

Marijuana Good, Bad or Both?
In the media and in general conversation, many discussions have been made about
Marijuana and the benefits, or dangers of this specific plant. However, are any of these claims
actually true? I am Lakota Sioux and in my culture Marijuana or cannabis, is called Peyote, and
it is used for special spiritually ceremonies and medicinal purposes, but nothing more. In today’s
popular culture it has become a topic of great debate for its influence in society and its medicinal
purposes. In this class I have learned new information about the history behind Marijuana’s bad
reputation and the controversial arguments surround it. In this paper I will discuss the dangers,
benefits, medical uses, if any as well as the myths surrounding this controversial drug/plant.
Marijuana is derived from the leaves of the plant Cannabis Sativa which originated in
Asia. It is a plant that can grow in almost any kind of terrain and climate such as, tropical,
subtropical, and temperate regions. Cannabis Sativa, also known has Hemp, was used for many
things throughout the years such as rope, twine, shoes, sailcloth and containers. It is estimated
that about 200-300 million peoples from all around the world have used Cannabis or Marijuana
in some form or another. Even to this day you can find many green hemp products in stores such
as lotions, soaps and clothing. This fact alone is a large part of why so many people know about
this plant and have formulated many opinions, myths and ideas on the uses of cannabis or
marijuana and its effects on society.

malaria and absent mindedness.C. Many people believe that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal use. This lack of approval from the FDA no doubt stems from the extensive research and studies the FDA requires before any new medications can be approved for safe use in the general public. As mentioned before many people used the plant for simple things like rope and clothing but it was also used medicinally. Despite the lack of approval many states have begun to legalize the use of medical marijuana causing even more controversy. However. while the people knew about the mind altering effects the plant had. the real focus of use was for medicating individuals with rheumatism. Taking into consideration all the bad media attention marijuana has received it’s no surprise that there are many whom still believe it’s nothing but an addictive drug and should remain illegal. Today in the year 2016 there is great controversy about the use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes. According to our text the first known use dates back to China 2737 B. gout. . however. Further research is still being conducted about all the medical possibilities of medicinal marijuana but because it is still such a new practice not much is known about potential side effects or dangers related to the use of the drug. leading to new evidence that do show that the plant itself does contain certain chemicals that could potentially aid in the treatment of many illnesses and symptoms. only two medications have been FDA-approved that contain cannabinoid chemicals in a pill form. Scientific studies of the chemicals contained in the plant marijuana also called cannabinoids have been done. “The Drug Administration” or (FDA) has yet to recognize or approve the use of the marijuana plant as medicine in the United States.In America and throughout the world Marijuana is largely known for its intoxicating and mid altering effects when used recreationally but that wasn’t how the plant was first put to use.

stems. However. As stated in out text smoking marijuana produces a feeling of euphoria and well-being. However. This is the darker side of this plant and why it’s so widely known. hash. THC has also been proven to aid with certain medical condition like nausea. flowers. As the popularity of Marijuana grew so did the level of THC produced by breeding plants in special conditions in order to produce the desired amount of resin from the plant. This form and use of the plant is referred to as weed. Only certain strains of the plant carry a potent amount of the psychoactive compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). and many other street names I have not listed. In reality marijuana has great effects on the parts of the mind that control attention and memory and other tasks like driving or speaking. or inhaled. and seeds. THC is the only compound of the plant that causes the mental affects. When marijuana is used recreationally individuals typically smoke the plant's dried leaves. However. As stated before Marijuana is derived from the dried leaves of the plant. Even though many other properties of the plant exist besides THC. there is a big difference in medical marijuana and the marijuana produced for recreational use. the large majority of the populace associate marijuana with its infamous mind altering effects and bad propaganda from the past. marijuana can also be added or cooked into food (like brownies or cookies. . Cannabis Sativa. which is why the FDA has approved one drug containing the THC compound. Despite all research done on potential and proven benefits of marijuana. other plants may produce less resin.Despite marijuana’s newly discovered medical benefits. reefer. pot. it comes from the sticky substance that accumulates on the leaves. this plant can’t seem to lose its perceived reputation among the general public. but not all forms and varieties of cannabis sativa contain the chemicals responsible for the mid altering effect. made into a tea. reports vary based on the user’s experience but many claim it increase awareness and the senses of sight and smell.

It wasn’t till later that the ill effects of the use of these drugs were discovered and then regulated. then Europe and eventually came to American but it wasn’t till the twentieth century that marijuana really began to make a name for itself. to the middle east. Much of the hype behind the fear of marijuana. and the like marijuana has less known life threatening dangers than any of the others. It wasn’t until the media set out to portray marijuana as a killer weed or as a flyer in the text clams “the smoke of hell” did people begin to view the plant as a problem that needed to be stopped. This was the era of prohibition.According to our text Marijuana spread from Asia. Unlike other vices on the streets such as cigarettes. Based on this fact alone it would be hard to say whether or not it should be legalized or remain illegal or weather it necessarily good or bad to use marijuana. Marijuana is the same it this aspect except for the fact that it has been proven to aid in certain medical conditions. jazz and the rise of marijuana which was original seen as a norm such as cocaine or opium once was. Even today I see ridiculous claims about marijuana use being the main cause of child abuse just like the claims that parents with tattoos ruin children’s lives most of it is biased unintellectual claims or myths. alcohol. Marijuana also has some properties that aid with specific medical conditions with more of its properties still under investigation. Despite all the controversy surrounding marijuana or cannabis. opium. I believe was simply situational due to economy troubles and other factors that played into the demonization of the plant itself. is a plant that scientists are still studying. LSD. With most drugs throughout history such as cocaine opium and narcotics many people used them and took them normally unaware of the danger they caused. So should marijuana be used for medicine or should it remain as illegal as all the other illicit drugs on the street? I believe it’s a little bit of both. . Despite everything that has been discovered about the plant and the continued research undergoing its potential benefits marijuana seems to retain this image of evil.

than any other illicit or legal drugs that an individual can take. It’s a fine line when talking about any kind of drug in general but I don’t believe marijuana is any more evil. Yes. . marijuana has some medical properties and yes it also has some ill effects on the mind and body when used recreationally. Just as taking too many vitamins that are good for you can be bad for your body. However just like all prescription drugs too much of a good thing can be bad.Obviously there is a great deal of research to be done about the potential medical aspects that the plant could process.

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