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Placing the cursor over the tilted triangle and pressing Slowly, a complex and seductive sound fades in, the hairs on
our arms start to rise, and if you watch closely you can see them tremble and move in certain rhythmic patterns.We can't hear
the frequencies that cause our hairs to react, but we can see them reacting. For as soon as we pause the audio, they fall back to
their relaxed position.
You have small traces of concrete leftover in some of your hair, so those can't really get up or down, but all the others, they act
just as mine do. We are ready to enter. Rewind and press play again.The instructor gives us a thumbs up behind the plexiglass
window, then smiles and walk away. The shades are drawn, the light dims and the volume increases. Our bodies relaxed, our
minds excited.
After 4 hours of a decompressing sonic shower, we both have red ears. I can see you are smiling, your eyes slightly blurred, and
i guess I'm in the same state. The room is warmed by our bodies, giving rise in temperatures and small pearls of condensed
sweat and breath, have gathered in the corners of the room.
This is our 3rd time to the sonic fitness center, and our first real dip into the prime functionality of this discipline. Our earlier
sessions, consisted of musical taste-leveling and basic try-outs, then intensified in the second round with the inclusion of a
shorter ride, to prepare the body of the more oceanic experiences there are in front of us.

The misty forest appears again, century old leftovers and human debris are visible through parts of the forest floor. An old dusty
record is being played on a monstrous sound-system, built of various scraps of speakers, pots and pans, creating metallic
vibrations to the already broken sound.(don't understand what they are saying). Then, it is the rushing sound of vast masses of sand being
drug over the desert floor at high speed. A super detailed sky of microscopic sound, just as if you could see every little speck of
sand. Now you can just hear them. You can hear the desert breath in its own rhythm, long draws - one after the other, in a
undefined organic movement.
How do you keep mentally fit?

I must explore the glory of the mid-tempo mixes(*). Get closer to the dynamics and the patience of the not too slow and not too
fast methodology. Get to know how the tracks move by themselves, like bodies in a dance ensemble. Get closer to each other.
Then a subtle gesture with the left reverb and the side-chained kick. Like a choreography between the tracks of the mix, giving
the sounds poetic gestures and and a deeper functionality. It is relatively rare that i have heard mixes dealing with repetition and
stasis. Don't think i have. I haven't heard that many mixes either, truth be told. I don't know why i came to think of it at all. Maybe
I thought of Yvonne Rainer, I've forgot. Anyways.Think of listening as a form of movement. Act on your surroundings; it is an
optimal way to keep your mind alert and fresh.Ive often been thinking that listening is not passive, it is an active sensing.
Sensing an inflow of information that one must process and understand individually and collectively. Fitness listening or
whatever. Classics. Keep 'em running.
OK, so the exhibition deals in some aspects with nostalgia or sentimental notions of; tracks you have once listened intensely
to/tracks that you downloaded but didnt get to listen to/tracks you made,then didnt get back to. Mix it all up. looking back but
also ending it to get along. All those songs and sounds. Get it all into boxes, crates and folders to get on. Personal as well as
more standard materials. The time-dough exploration seems to have become emotional, at least on my own part. If you are out
there, we will help you. There is hope.
We are a crew. We are a band. We are listeners. We are a Community. The music we listen to also functions as internal
communication,jokes, references, comments on yourself and others, it is a communal way of reflecting over our personal
emotional states. Listening to tracks of friends and alike.What do they do? Why do they do it? Do we hear the same? Is the
decoding calibrated collectively?
(*)They can be seen as sculptures, working with a somewhat fragmented timeline, but still of course as the discipline of the
m i x goes, still depends on that very timeline.
A > B or # > @ - however you like it. Giving them a medium and a name and giving them time.
Keep yr expectations fluid;

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