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The Art of:

By Eleanor Spence

antastic Voyage

For this project, we were presented with four different bioscientific

scenarios; The Zika virus, HIV, how the immune system fights infection, and
resistance to antibiotics.
Our challenge, was to create a three minute animation explaining our
chosen scenario to a target audience also of our choosing.
The scenario I chose to animate was resistance to antibiotics.

and immune system


I immediately thought of medieval knights

when designing the antibiotics and
immune system. At first, I wanted them to
somehow resemble a pill, but later found
this a difficult form to merge with a knight.
I liked the broad shoulders of the Red
Knight (middle left) from Alice in
Wonderland, as it implies strength, and
decided to work with red, white and blue
as colour schemes, as these are often
colours seen on pills and tablets.


In very early designs for the antibiotics, I tested out both sharp and more
rounded shapes. The design on the far left was based on a pill capsule,
but I struggled to keep its rounded design and give it the appearance of
a knight. The 2nd and 3rd designs were a combination of the capsule and
the sharper designs on the right.

I decided on red, white and pink as colours for the antibiotics and immune system. However, these
designs were far too evil looking for the good guys of the story. They needed to be less sharp and
more square.

I began making the designs more square, while keeping the broad shoulders and slim waists. I moved
away from medieval armour and based the skirt and helmet parts on Ancient Greek hoplite armour. It
was important that the antibiotics were recognisable as good soldiers, and not scary to the audience.

I wanted the immune system had to appear more as a defender than a fighter. They carry no weapons
other than a large shield that I shaped to represent a white blood cell.

mmune System


arients & Props

The antibiotics wear different symbols on their chests.

When the bacteria mutate, they too wear the symbol
of the antibiotic that killed them, or that they killed

The antibiotics carry

spears, in order to keep
with the hoplite inspired

uper antibiotic

The Super antibiotic is based more on

Spartan armour, especially the helmet.

he Cocoon

The super antibiotic appears from a

cocoon. Three sections of the cocoon spin
around the antibiotic as it moves and
attacks. This antibiotic is a last resort, so I
wanted the cocoon to both resemble a
pill, but also to be implied as a container
for the power of the antibiotic.
The ground where the cocoon has landed
is shown to be damaged, and the
surrounding area is changing back to the
original pink and red it was before,
showing just how powerful the antibiotic is.



I wanted the bacteria to be sickly and

monstrous in appearance. My main
sources of inspiration for them were the
sloth and rage demons from the Dragon
Age series, and Plaguebearers of Nurgle
from Warhammer.
The idea was that the bacteria would
begin with a very basic form, and grow
larger and more monstrous as the
antibiotics attempted to defeat them.


These very early thumbnails are more complicated than the final
results, but I kept the shapes and overall grotesqueness throughout the
project, as I felt it was perfect for the bacteria in the world I was

I simplified the designs, choosing to show 4 stages of mutation in which the bacteria grows larger and more
terrifying in appearance. I eventually chose a black and green colour scheme for the bacteria, so as not to
make them seem apart of the pink and red colour scheme of the healthy environment.

tage 1 Bacteria

The first bacteria is the smallest and weakest. Though it

manages to defeat the immune system, it is no match
for the antibiotics. Until it mutates

tage 2 Bacteria

Now mutated and much larger than its previous form,

the stage 2 bacteria wears the symbol of the
antibiotic it defeated on its chest, showing it has
adapted to defeat it.

tage 3 Bacteria

The stage 3 bacteria also wears the symbol of the

defeated antibiotic on its chest. However, this one learns to
defeat the new antibiotic by studying the dead body of
another bacteria. It adapts, defeats them, and mutates.

uper Bacteria

It has now defeated every antibiotic thrown at it, and begins moving
swiftly through the environment, taking the infection with it. The
presence of this bacteria calls for more drastic measures; the
introduction of a super antibiotic, that will kill the bacteria but also
leave lasting side effects.

he Claw

Even now, bacteria is adapting to defeat even the most powerful

antibiotics. When the landscape is damaged, and the battle
appears to be over, the claw of a larger bacteria emerges from the
debris, ready to carry on where its predecessors failed.



I wanted there to be a stark difference in

colour to show the infected part of the
environment and healthy part. I was
largely inspired by the northern lights, and
chose red and green as the main colours.
The light pink of the healthy environment
represents flesh, while the red indicates
inflammation or blood, before turning into
the sickly green where the infection is
most prevalent.


oncept Art

ealthy Environment

acteria Taking Over

nhealthy Environment

estroyed Environment

aking it 3D

In order to build my environments in 3D, I

separated my digitally painted scenes into layers
and added each layer to a different plane, as
seen on the left. This gave the illusion of distance as
the camera moved.


nimation Stills