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Mentor College Teacher Assessment Report Second observation

B.Ed Teaching Practice


Name of the student: Aamna Abdullah

Name of the School: Um AlQura
Grade level: 2
MCT: Maryam Al Humadi

Semester 1

ID#: H00271724
Date of the observations: 13 April 2016
MCT Name: Alya Alzaabi

A- Professionalism and Understanding

Excellent interaction with the students.
Present an excellent professional communication with your MST.
B - Planning for Learning
- nice introduction with Kung Fu Banda them.
- give a brief notes on the content of the story that you used in the lesson
pay attention to the right term in the leaning objective ( 3D shapes not shapes, not solids).
C - Implementing and Managing Learning
- you start with the right way to let the students memorize the names of the 3D shapes. you improve this
method by showing a real 3D shapes from our lives. ( Name > Picture > model > real life example )
- focus on the right mathematical terms in the lesson ( )
- in introducing the ( face, sides, edges and angles) relate each term with its name. ex: use the 3D model
to print the face of this shape on paper and let the students discover the face of each shape. for the edges,
letting the students role the shapes and Classify it.
D - Monitoring and Assessment of Learning
- very creative activities in the end by doing different models using 3D shapes and drawing 3D houses.
- good that you give each students different 3D shape to name and color.
General Comments:
- you can use Kung Fu Banda character to find the different 3D Shapes on his body.
Students reflection on the feedback (to Be Completed By Student)

From my point of view, my MCT noticed that the students interact with me in a
good way because they were active and answering my questions that related to
lesson and this show that they were focusing during the explanation. I liked when
my MCT noticed the introduction and write a good comment about because I spend
time to think of attractive idea that fit with the students tends. I think that if you
want to attract the students to your class, you should include something that
matches with their generation cartoons and favorites.

I liked when I found that there are not a lot of negative comments and this can
show that my lesson have positive points more than the negative points in the
class, and this is a big change from the previous lesson to this lesson. And I think
that this happened because I follow the tips of my MCT previous feedback.
I agree with my MCT when she said that I start with the right way to let the
students memorize the names of the 3D shapes. And I can notice that from their
answers, they were writing the correct named under the correct 3D shapes, but as
MS. Alya, I should relate the lesson with the real life because even that they save
the words now but I didnt know if they will remember it tomorrow or not.
I think that the best thing in my lesson that I applied creative activities that can
benefit the students in letting them remember the lesson for a long time. This will
help them in remembering the words in a good way. I think including excited
activities let the students except the lesson more than the routine lessons.