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National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009

National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009

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an Australian legislation
an Australian legislation

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This Part has rules that apply to licensees that are lessors. These
rules are aimed at better informing consumers and preventing them
from being in unsuitable consumer leases.

Division 2 requires a licensee to give its credit guide to a
consumer. The credit guide has information about the licensee and
some of the licensee’s obligations under this Act.

Division 3 requires a licensee, before entering a consumer lease, to
make an assessment as to whether the lease will be unsuitable. To
do this, the licensee must make inquiries and verifications about
the consumer’s requirements, objectives and financial situation.
The licensee must give the consumer a copy of the assessment if

Division 4 prohibits a licensee from entering a consumer lease that
is unsuitable for a consumer.

National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 No. 134, 2009 159

Chapter 1 Introduction
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