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EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 1
Observation Date: March 8th, 2016 Observation Time: 12:20
Teacher Observed: Ms. Bassett

Subject/Grade Level History/9th

School Observed: Harmony School of Advancement Observer: Nadia Abuzaid

1-What was/were the learning objectives/outcomes of the lesson? (Add state objectives if
known, for example, TEKS 111.4. Grade 2.b.)
The learning objectives were written on a board next to the door so the students are able to see it
when they walk in. As well as, there is a section on the side of the board that states important
dates that are coming up.
2-How did the teacher begin and end the lesson?
The teacher had bell work on the board that stated was needed to be done which included the
students to get in their groups and wok on last minute things. The lesson was ended by the
groups coming to end with presenting their projects. And she explained the good things she liked
about it.

3-What did the teacher use for teaching materials or instructional aids/equipment?
Materials were not used that much for the lesson because the students were presenting their own
projects that they made. Rubrics, and projectors were used.
4-Which instructional methods and strategies did the teacher use? ( lecture, inquiry,
discovery learning, discussions, games or simulations, demonstrations, cooperative
learning, integration of technology, socrative questioning, etc)
Discovery learning and demonstrations and questioning was used.

5-How did the teacher assess learning? (informal, formal, formative, summative, oral,
open-ended, quiz, feedback etc) See Chapter 8 for more information on assessment
Since the class was mostly about the students presenting the project they made, there was not
much assessed learning. But she was explaining what she expected out of them when they
presented, and at the end she gave feedback to them.
6- What can you say about the teachers philosophy/beliefs and style?
(Traditional/progressive, behaviorist, student-centered vs. teacher centered, authoritative
Actually, I have had Ms. Bassett taught me since I was in the 9th grade. And her teaching style is
still the same. It is very student-centered. She makes sure that the students understand what they
are learning by frequently asking question, quizzes and even put them in groups to get other
perspectives on the information.
7-How does the teacher manage classroom? Can you identify classroom management
techniques used?
Because the class was mostly presenting their projects, there was not much managing that the
teacher had to do. But when students misbehaved or got off task, she would ask them if they are
ready to present or to answer a question she had.
8-Observe in the classroom setting and determine types of behavior students play when offtask. What do they do when they are not paying attention? How does the teacher re-direct
them or get them back on task?
If they are not paying attention, they would be talking to either the person next to them or
someone around them so the teacher would ask them questions about their projects in order to
know if they are actually working or not.
9-How does the teacher communicate with students (verbal, vocal, meta-verbal or nonverbal communication such as facial, body language, use of space, motion and time?)
The teacher was mostly verbal when communicating with her students.
10-Who were the students in the class? What did you notice about them? (Background,
diversity, attitude, motivation, interaction, participation, etc)

The class was very diverse. There was a good balance of White, Mexicans, African American,
and even Asians. What I noticed was how they all talked to one another, no one was isolated.
And they were funny and were not shy.
11-What did you see that is effective in engaging students? What do you see that is
ineffective in keeping students engaged?
When the teacher was walking around the classroom to see if they were on task, kept the students
on topic in order to finish their projects. However, when the teacher sat in the back, and not
being as engaged as before, students would start talking with one another and become distracted.

12-What are the two instructional strategies you observed and would like to apply in your
I really like the bell work that is put up at the beginning of the class and also letting students
interact with each other in groups, I noticed help a lot. It helped the students be comfortable with
each other and were able to rely on each other during the presentation if they needed help.
13-What are two important classroom management strategies that you observed and would
like to apply in your classroom?
There was not much management within the classroom, however going around the
class and ask questions is a strategy that I would like to use in order to ensure that the

studetns are on task. But I would like to observe more classroom during actual lectures times, to
learn more about classroom management.order to ensure that the studetns are on task.