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April 1, 2016

Raymond Staats
Town Supervisor
Town of Clermont
1795 Route 9
Clermont, New York 12526

New York Works Round II

Environmental Restoration Program
Former Hettling Property
Site Number: E411015

Dear Supervisor Staats:

This letter is to inform you that the Remedial Design for your Environmental
Restoration Program (ERP) project, E411015 Former Hettling Property, has been
completed and to provide you with a revised estimated total project cost. The original
estimated cost for this project was $616,738. The revised estimated cost is $895,171.
Estimated costs for the remediation of this site are higher than the original
estimate due to an increase in earth work and the installation of a parking lot and
driveway from NYS Route 9.
The amount the State has currently committed for this project is $54,930. An
invoice for a portion of your share of project costs will be sent in April. DEC would like
feedback on the amount you are prepared to provide towards the project at this time.

5% of estimated total project costs of $895,171($44,759)


10% of committed amount of $54,930 ($5,493)

Since this new estimated total cost exceeds the original estimate, DEC requests
a response regarding your commitment to the project.
_____ The Town of Clermont is prepared to move forward with the project at this time.
_____ The Town of Clermont would like to set up a meeting to discuss the status of the
If you are prepared to move forward with the project at this time, we anticipate
the remainder of the estimated funds will be expended in SFY 16/17.


Laura Zeppetelli, Director

Bureau of Program Management
Division of Environmental Remediation

M. Cruden, NYSDEC
M. Mason, NYSDEC
K. Diligent, NYSDEC
G. DeMarco, NYSDEC