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Running head: Assessing a Career in Business Human Resources

Assessing a Career in Business

Human Resources
Wendy Turgeon
Salt Lake Community College

This assessment paper is an overview of the career profession of a human resource

manager. The paper will have some detail of the following categories; job description, general
career path, general education experience, average salary, career demand, and pros and cons. The
end of this assessment will have information gathered from HR manager Brooke Baker who is
with the Utah Department of Correction and how I would personally fit into this career
Job Description
The job description for a human resources manager according to an article written on states that HR managers develops policy and directs and coordinates human
resources activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, training, and
employee services Citation. Human resources managers carry out these responsibilities by
having a very specific skill set. Some of the skills include language skills, writing skills,
mathematical skills and articulation skills. Being able to read and interpret complex documents is
a must for the HR manager. Having good writing skills that allow the HR manager to express
organizational goals and policies helps a line organizational need with lower level employees.
The HR manager must also understand mathematical equations to help interpret specific
documents. The most important skill is articulation. It is very important for the HR manager to
be able to make persuasive, effective, and present controversial complex information to both top
managers and lower level employees.

General Career Path

There are many different career paths that one could take to become a HR manager. The most
common path was to acquire a degree in HR management. But according to information posted
on the University of Michigan website states that corporations are shifting from administrators,
policing and maintaining the status quo to business partner, employee champion, and focused on
strategic levering of human capital Citation. Meaning that corporations are now looking for
applicants that have a strong business background. And persons with MBAs are now being
sought after for HR management position.
The steps I found to reach higher level HR management positions depend on years experience
and college education. At an entry level position one could have an associates and certain
certificates to be a good candidate. To move up to higher levels one would have to have a
bachelors in HR management or business administration and more than four years experience.
The highest level of HR management would require a masters degree and over five years
General Education Experience
Education and experience is a must for a career in HR management. There are many voluntary
certificates that one could obtain through a number of different organizations such as the
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan or the Society for Human Resources
Management Citation. These certificates that one can receive will depend on education level and
experience. The levels of college will range from bachelors to masters degrees. These degrees
can be in a number of different focuses including psychology, finance, business management,
information technology or an MBA Citation. The higher level of education the more
opportunities one would have for career advancements in the HR management profession.

Average Salary
Salaries range depending on experience and education levels. The Bureau of Labor Statistics
show that the annual National median for HR management $104,440. With the lowest ten percent
earning less than $62,000 and the top ten percent earning $187,000. For a HR specialist or a
Labor Relations specialist the national median is around $58,000 annually Citation. All of these
earnings are based on education level and years of experience.
Career Demand
Corporations across the glob have a high need for HR managers. Over the last few years as the
unemployment rate has been decreasing HR managers have been needed more to keep top
employees and make positions that are available more attractive to qualified applicants. An
article written on the Randstad website says that with over 52,000 current human resource job
openings across the U.S., theres an average ratio of 26 candidates per job opining, making HR
jobs relatively balanced to fill Citation. The article also talked about how the majority of jobs
are located in major cities such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.
Pros and Cons
Some of the pros of becoming a HR manager include high earning potential, nearly every
industry needs a HR manager, requires a bachelors degree and there are many opportunities to
specialize in different areas of HR management. Some of the cons of becoming a HR manager
include requires years of experience, stress dealing with conflict and tension among employees
and higher level HR positions often require a masters degree Citation.

Information from Brooke Baker

Brooke Baker is a HR manager for the Utah Department of Corrections. Mrs. Baker has worked
for the state of Utah for many years and started in the payroll department. The state merged
payroll and the HR department which gave her more career opportunities and that is how she was
able to obtain her current position. She informed me that a HR position is not for someone who
does not adjust well in a changing environment. Mrs. Baker mentioned that HR managers need
to possess the following skills interpersonal skills, time management, articulate skills and selfmotivational skills to perform well within the a HR profession. She collaborated that education is
a must in this profession and that it is always good acquire the voluntary certificates because it
make you a much more valuable asset to the company.
My Fit with HR Management
I believe a career in HR management will be a good fit for me. I possess many of the
characteristic needed to be successful in this profession. I have good verbal and nonverbal
communication skills as well as public speaking skills. I also have fairly good mathematical
skills along with great reading and writing skills. I have the ability to motivate others and
encourage good ethical behavior. Overall I think pursuing a career HR management would be a
perfect fit for me.