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Miranda Rutkai
Mr. Lowe
Writing Seminar
27 Aug 2014
Discuss accomplishment or an event, formal or informal, that marks
your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture or
The devotional talked about divorce. I showed my mom when I
was in third grade because I was troubled that her and my dad would
get a divorce. Calmly comforting me, she promised that that would
never happen. Flash forward five years and my parents were separated
again, a year later the divorce was finalized. They separated once
when my brother was only a few months old and got back together a
year later. My dad left again while I was in third grade but then later
begged my mom back. The last time he left was the last time he ever
would leave and not come back. My mom, who was a stay at home
mom, had to go back to working full time as a social worker for the
mentally ill. My dads business in building and irrigation was not doing
well due to the economy. Because of this, the big house that my dad
specifically built for us to reside in the rest of our lives was going under
My mom asked my dad if he wanted to come to the rental house
that she was moving us into. He declined. My dad, an alcoholic, has

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been diagnosed as bipolar. I not only lost my dad being a part of my
family, but my house. My brother was a senior when the divorce was
finalized and I was going to be a freshman. Those were difficult years
for both of us, my brothers senior year ruined. We both handled it
badly, I became anorexic. We have had financial issues all throughout
my high school career, but thankfully things have gotten better than
they were.
The divorce marks from when I grew up and became mature, the
transition from my childhood to adulthood. I had to learn to be strong
and to realize to let things go. You have to be open, have trust, and
stay faithful. Throughout this, my brother and mother and I have
remained so close, that we are closer than we ever would have been if
our family stayed together. This also is significant because it marks the
point where I became a stronger person. Because my mom has never
left me, I'm so close to her, she is one of my best friends.
Despite all that has happened, it made me become a deeper,
more caring person. Having a lot of anger and confusion, I have to
learn to let things go that I cannot control and learn to be happy,
despite what is going on around me. I have learned to live with much
and I have also lived to learn with little. People think that divorce is
something that you get over quickly, but it is just like losing a family
member to cancer or some horrible accident, except that they chose to

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