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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

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Published by: muhittin yakut on May 09, 2010
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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Muhittin Yakut 06285016 DAILY LESSON PLAN I.


Lesson: English (grammar teaching) Topic to teach: Past form of Passive Voice Approach and Method: Communicative Language Teaching Techniques: Question and answer, guessing, dialogue, role play Materials: board, pictures,worksheets, video Level: Intermediate Reference: www.primaryresources.com Teacher role: facilitator, counselor, organizer, manager Duration: 15- 20 minutes Age: 18 Class Period: 12. class Date: 23.12.2009 Overall Objectives of the lesson: By the end of this lesson, students will improve their grammatical knowledge. They will learn how to use past form of passive voice in a correct way. They will have a metalinguistic awareness about the language. Behavioral Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to: Use passive structure properly Use sentences in passive form. II. PRESENTATION 1. Warm-Up and Motivation: The teacher greets the class and then asks the class if they know anything about the mummification and ancient Egypt. Then he will have them watch a video in which past form of the passive is used. 2. Stating the Instructional Objectives: The teacher says to the class that they will learn passive voice during the lesson. By doing that, he aims to inform his students about what they are going to learn.

3. Presenting the Instructional Objectives: The teacher presents the process of mummification using passive voice on the power point by showing related pictures and writes some sentences on the board. III. PRACTICE Teacher has worksheet activities in practice part. There are passages in the worksheet activities which are strictly related to the both topic and subject.. Teacher wants the students to fill in blanks in the passages. Students will work collaboratively. IV. PRODUCTION There will be pairs in this part of the lesson. One pair will say that he or she found a mummy. And the other student will ask; ‘’What was used to mummify it?’’ by doing that, teacher will elicit the answer from the students subconsciously. V. SUMMARY The teacher asks the students what they have learnt in the lesson and if they have any question about the lesson after he himself summarizes the lesson.

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