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Weather in


Weather Consultants

Accurate times for sunrise and sunsets

Time breakdown of the weather

Cloud cover

Wind speed and direction



Forecast at sea if necessary

WeatherWorks is a company that offers several weather

consultants and consultations to be hired in use in many different

Forensic Weather Consultants

Insurance claims

Used for reports and testimony used by attorneys and insurance

companies during investigation

Weather in the Movies

Obvious movies about the weather

Weather consultants will be used during production

Help with planning scenes and shoot times

Important in maintaining a strict production schedule

The Revenant

American Frontier

Harsh Winters

Lots of planning and adjustments to production


Global Warming (Some locations were experiencing

the warmest weather recorded during those months)

Temperatures fluctuated as well as movie plans

Sometimes took days to weeks to achieve a scene

due to weather

Final scene had to be shot in the South Pole just to

find snow


Very similar to movies

Consultants used to ensure smooth sailing during production

Television shows often have multiple seasons with locations not


Locations in television shows have their own climates

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Weather and climate must remain consistent through the

seasons of the show

The Office

Slice of Life

Episodes can take place days or weeks apart

Seasons skip entire months

Costume and set design remains consistent

with the time of year as well as the
Pennsylvania location


Episode 124

Myth: Car vs Rain

Weather played an important role in

the premise of this myth

Simulated rain allowed for easier

controlled experiment

Issues came when it actually

started to rain during the episodes

Video Games

Production doesnt rely on the weather

Video games provide a way to simulate environments and the


Weather consultants or field research might be used to provide

accurate information when creating representations of the


Recreation of Chicago, Illinois

In order to stay true to the real world, weather simulations are


Realistic rain and weather effects like cloud cover and wind

Clothing and accessories of characters reflect what is happening

in the environment


Dynamic weather system

Weather is simulated using real world physics

Environment has an impact on weather

Elevation, materials of the road and surrounding areas, density of

precipitation, wind speed, location in the world, time of day, and
the type of car are all factors taken into consideration

Weather makes driving difficult and accurately portrays real

world effects on the cars and environments