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Terrell Mcmillar

Spring Computer Utilizations Sec 02.

Chapter One Reflection

Chapter 1 introduced the readers to educational technology, its role in teaching, and how
it will help you as an educator. In the beginning of the chapter, the first section defined
educational technology. Reading the definition of educational technology, I knew a little
something about it. Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating
learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological.
Throughout middle school and high school all my teachers used technology to teach. Me
personally, teaching through technology can be a little difficult because some students can not
learned from technology. Some students are old fashioned they rather be taught by writing on the
board in front of them or learning by a piece paper. I want to become a first grade teacher and I
plan on using a little technology, because kids around the age 6-8 love technology.
As the reader, I like how chapter 1 explains the common core standards initiative.
Basically, the common core standards initiative is a national initiative led by state professional
organizations and its goal is to establish a clear and agreed upon set of standards by K-12 math
and language arts. As an upcoming first grade educator, I have to teach my students all subjects
and my main goal is to get my students prepared for second grade.
One section I was reading technology for all 21st century educators, I did not know every
educator must be aware of the NETS-T or other applicable professional technology standards and
to participate in classes, workshops, and other professional activities to ensure that they meet
requirements that affect them.

Being an educator, Im going to use technology for communication, social networking

demonstrates technologys ability to facilitate communications. Im going to be sending emails
to my student parents and my staff members. Also, Im going to type a welcome letter to my
student parents on Microsoft Word. In middle school, I remember my teachers used to
communicate with other teachers and the principal through ichat. iChat was an instant messaging
software application developed by Apple Inc. for use on its Mac OS X operating system.
After reading chapter one, technology plays a big part in the classroom. A lot of educators
are using technology to teach their students. Technology is used everywhere, my college
professors use technology when they are lecturing. Most of them use powerpoints, some of them
use apps on the cellular device to do attendance, and all of them use blackboard to post
assignments and grades. Summarizing chapter one, Ive learned a lot by reading all the sections.
Becoming an educator, I know technology going to play a big role in my classroom.