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Investigating Force and Energy, Topic Measurement
Investigating Force and Energy, Topic Measurement

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Published by: lianasaad on May 09, 2010
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Date : 29 April 2010 Time : 10.00am 11.

00am Class : 4 Bestari Number of pupils : 30 Theme : Investigating Force and Energy Topic : Measurement Learning Objective : 1.1 Understanding the measurement of length 1.2 Understanding how to calculate area Learning Outcomes : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to : 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) state different ways to measure length state the standard unit for length in the metric system by answering task 1 choose the appropriate measuring tools to measure different length state that area = length X width state the standard unit for area in metric system calculate the area of a given shape in standard unit by answering task 2

Prior knowledge : Pupils can measure length using non-standard unit in Year 2. Science Process Skills : Communicating, Observing Thinking Skills : Classifying, Interpreting Data Scientific Attitude & Noble Values : i) Being honest and accurate in recording and validating data ii) Being cooperative Stages (time) Content Teaching & Learning Activities 1. Teacher shows slide show how the ancient measure length. 2. Students are to give their opinions based on the slide shown, how to measure length. Remark / Notes

Orientation (± 5 minutes)

Introduction of measurement

SPS: y Observing y Communicating Value : Having interest and curiosity towards the environment

Elicitation of Idea (± 10 minutes)

Measurement Example of the Questions: - Who is the tallest among four of them - Who is the shortest among them Example of the Question: - Why we need the metric system? - Why we do not use the other ways to measure length in our daily life?

1. Teacher asks four students with different height to come in front of the class. 2. Teacher asks pupils who is the highest and shortest. 3. Pupils guess the ways to measure length.

SPS : Observing Value : Being respectful and well-mannered

Restructuring of ideas (±25 min)

Figuring the different ways to measure length

Guessing which shape object has bigger area.

1. Pupils measure table, door and whiteboard using : straw, pencil, arm span and eraser. 2. Pupils measure table, door and whiteboard using : ruler 3. Pupils record length in standard units. Teacher asks the need of metrics system. 4. Teacher asks student how to measure the circumference of any part of round object. 5. Pupils compare a square and a rectangle and guess which object has a bigger area.

Measuring tools : ruler, eraser, straw, eraser, measurement tape and string. Task 1 SPS: Measuring and using number Value : Being honest and accurate in recording and validating data.

Wooden block in square and rectangle shape.

Application of ideas (±15 min)

Carry out a test to confirm understanding the measurement concept. Knowing how to calculate area standard unit for area

1. Pupils confirm their guesses by filling the 4cmX4cm square and 8cmX2cm rectangle with 1cmX1cm cards and count the number of 1cmX1cm cards used. 2. Pupils discuss to state the relationship between the number of 1cmX1cm square and the length and width of the above square and rectangle 3. Pupils discuss the standard unit for area in metric system i.e square mm, square cm, square m and square km. 4. Pupils calculate the area of a given shape in standard unit.

a) a square (4cmX4cm) b) a rectangle (8cmX2cm) c) Card 1cmX1cm Task 2 SPS : Interpreting data Value : Thinking rationally

Closure (±5 min)


Area = length X width

1. Teacher asks pupils many different ways to measure length. 2. Teacher asks pupils how to calculate area 3. Teacher summarizes about the entire lesson today.

Task 1 To measure Pupil s table Science Textbook Whiteboard Distance from class to toilet Teacher s whiteboard marker Distance from class to canteen Distance from pupil s house to school Non Standard Unit Standard unit

Task 2 Question : Calculate the area of the given square and rectangle in standard unit. 1)



By : Rusliana Md Saad

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