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Here we are over our break.

We mostly stayed in Kigali but did head to a nearby lake for two nights for some peaceful relaxation.

Bryans in Rwanda
@ Kigali International Community School

Our Sweet Jemima

I had the pleasure of meeting little Jemima, five years old, when she
came for kindergarten testing. She had tiny glasses and proudly
carried a purse as we walked across campus. Her other hand was in
mine, because even though we had just met, I was a new friend to
Jemima. Everyone was. That year I got to be her learning support
teacher, which meant I was given the gift of spending one-on-one
time with Jemima every day. Id pick her up from her classroom to
be greeted as Bwyan! and wed begin the journey to my room. It
was a 3 minute walk when I was alone, but with Jemima, we needed
to stop and chat with everyone we saw. Giving hugs and high-fives
and making each person feel special was the main priority. As a
kindergartener, being the most popular girl at school was no easy
task, but Jemima fulfilled it well. She exuded love & joy from God.
Almost two weeks ago we learned that our sweet friend had
leukemia and sadly she died very quickly.
We are all heartbroken here but also
thankful to have known a small girl who
changed all of our lives. We miss her dearly.
A third grader said, Its so sad-its like the
whole world has changed. And it has.

April 2016

Same Mission with More

Kids to Serve!

Thanks for praying!

KICS (Kigali International Community School) is still a young school

classmates, teachers, and community as

and with that comes many changes. We are grateful that there is

we grieve. We PRAISE God that she is

a demand for more classes and are aiming to meet the needs of
our community. Although we love the role we play in educating
missionary kids (along with the children of Christian workers,

PRAY for Jemimas family, friends,

with Him in Heaven!

PRAISE that KICS has broken ground on

the new classrooms and PRAY that it

international business people, embassy employees, etc.) we are

would all get finished before school

honored to be entrusted with Rwandan kids.


KICS started knocking down its open air hallways in the lower

for next year, particularly learning

elementary part of the campus and the goal is to have three new

support, kindergarten, first, and second

classrooms to accommodate the additional classes of

grades. We PRAISE God because he

kindergarteners and first graders. We still need teachers!! Check

always provides.

out our website: and apply today.

Third Grade News

PRAY for all of the positions to be filled


The last few days before our school went on break the 3 grade
class made solar ovens in conjunction with our study of renewable

PRAY as we plan and try to balance our

summer plans. PRAISE that we finally
get to introduce Elias to our loved ones.

and nonrenewable resources. Since it is the rainy

season, it was hit or miss about whether or not baking
cookies in the solar ovens would be a success. The
ovens were created on Monday and used on
Wednesday. With an alternative cookie recipe (no
eggs), students mostly baked their cookies. It didnt
matter though because their chocolate stained teeth and
faces showed me that they really enjoyed the project.


As Douglas phone is failing, were looking for phone (functional
and reliable) to replace it. Let us know if you can help.
We are thankful to be serving in Rwanda. With that said, the
thought of connecting with many of you during June and July
excites us. In fact, we cant wait to share with you our last ten
months and the newest addition to our family. Thank you for your
partnership with us!
With love, Douglas, Kerry, and Elias Bryan
For more info or to donate:

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