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Classroom Management Plan

My classroom management plan will have two key expectations: be respectful and be
responsible. Under those expectations I will have multiple rules within the classroom
which follow. My consequences and procedures for going about them will also apply to
the school I begin teaching in and align with their behavioral consequences.

Ms. Fuerstenaus Expectations for Academic Success in History and Political Science
Classroom Procedures and Rules:
Students are expected to be present in class and participate to their fullest
extent. This means that students will be awake, attentive, and engaged in
classroom activities.
Students are expected to raise their hands when they have a question or
comment. It is disruptive to fellow classmates when students blurt out answers and
comments. We all want an opportunity to think about a question before somebody
Students will NOT get up and roam around the room when I am talking. They
will also not excuse themselves to the bathroom. It is imperative that students be
present for as much of the instructional process as possible. I will provide plenty of
opportunities for students to get up and time for students to use the bathroom
when it is appropriate.
Students are expected to turn assignments in on time. If a student needs an
extension on an assignment it is expected that the students talks to me prior to the
day that the assignment is due. I have the discretion to offer extensions and not all
extensions will be granted. If you are going to be gone, it is YOUR responsibility to
let me know ahead of time and to collect your work that you will miss.
The classroom is a place for positive learning. Once you walk through the door
to my classroom all negative comments and throughs will be left in the hallway.
The classroom is a place for respect. You will respect yourself, your peers, and
myself as a teacher. You will show extra respect to visitors and guests within the
room when they are present. No name calling, disrespectful words, or unfriendly
actions will take place in the classroom.
Electronics and Computers are to be left in the backpack unless I specifically
ask you to take them out. There will be plenty of time to make use of technology,
but it can also be very distracting. It is key to pay attention when I am giving and
instruction and to use the electronics and computers appropriately and in
accordance to the schools policy.
Every student is allotted one reminder. (Ex. student remember your computer is
supposed to be in your backpack until I ask you to take it out.)
After a reminder the student will be given a warning. (Ex. student if you have your
computer out again when I havent asked you to take it out you will be given a
disciplinary action.)
After a warning the student will begin to have points deducted from their
participation grade. (5 points per disciplinary action)
After a student has lost 15 participation points (or had 3 infractions of the rules)
there will be a meeting set up between the student and myself to discuss the
issues. A note will be sent home, signed by the student and parents and brought
back the next day.

If the student reaches a loss of 25 participation points (or 5 total infractions)

parent(s)/guardian(s) will be contacted and a meeting will be set up between the
student, parents, and myself to determine a correctional plan.
Any further infractions will result in being sent to the principals office for further
disciplinary action.

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