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Brandon Taylor
Mr. Price
AP Lang & Comp Period 5
7 December 2015
Obama’s Impact on the World
President Obama was elected on November 4th, 2008. He was the forty-fourth president
of the United States and the first African American to win the election. Before becoming
president, Obama had been a chairman in the Illinois Senate’s Health and Human Services
Committee, a law school grad from Harvard, and a US Senator. He had been awarded a
scholarship to attend Harvard and enrolled in law school. He graduated Harvard with a “magna
cum laude” which is the second highest honor given to college graduates. He was a very smart
man and had dreams and aspirations to do something great. This is why it isn’t surprising that
President Obama has been the most influential person in history because he has broken the social
barrier, become an influential president, and he saved the American economy.
Racism is on the decline in today’s world, and Barack Obama might play a big role in the
reason why. He is the first African American president in the history of the United States of
America and his votes came from a majority of the colored population. In fact, he received 95%
of the African American votes, 66% of Latino American votes, and 61% of Asian American votes
(CNN 1). Although whites voted for him too, in the end it was the votes from the colored
population that pushed him over the top. It is a great thing for America to see an African
American become president and try his best to help clean up the racism issues that have existed

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since the birth of America. Obama is also sending racism on a decline by punishing hateful
remarks more severely than before. The ultimate goal regarding racism would be to eliminate it
completely or at least lessen its harmful effects around the world. Obama has his own approach
to this issue, as he said that racism is “deeply rooted” in the U.S. and that it “isn’t going to be
solved overnight” (Obama 1). Sadly, both of these statements are true and can’t be argued with.
No matter who is in office, the racism issue will remain an issue as it is just too difficult to
completely solve it. However, Obama believes that “with the right leadership, we can” (Obama
153, “Yes We Can”). Even through the ups and downs, President Obama has made leaps and
bounds towards eliminating the racism problem that exists in the world.
It is a huge deal that the first African American president is about to finish his second and
last term as president. He has accomplished many remarkable things and broken several racial
barriers all around the world. He is setting a good example for America and the world; equality
between ethnicities is finally reaching new heights. Obama is merging whites and blacks
together with his new role as a president of a nation. He also is arguably the most influential
president that America has ever seen. Obama has done many things to make the world a more
peaceful place. Some of these include announcing the unequivocal end to torture, improving
relations with Russia and Iran, and making the rights of women around the world a core
component of the U.S. foreign policy (John, “Eight Things Obama Has Done to Make the World
a Better Place”). Although Obama hasn’t been the most successful president ever, he is surely
going to leave an impact. President Obama has also served both terms “for the people” (Matthew

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Lynch, “12 Reasons Why Obama is the Best President Ever”). Unlike the presidents that
preceded him, Obama actually cares about what the general public has to say. He takes their
opinions into consideration and tries his best to do what’s best for the majority of the people.
This is the kind of leader that a country deserves. He also is a strong advocate for strengthening
civil rights. He is “leading the fight to protect everyone - no matter who you are, where you're
from, what you look like, or who you love” (White “Strengthening Civil Rights”). By
being truthful to this, Obama is gaining support from people worldwide who believe in the same
values. Don’t forget that President Obama earned the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009 (Matthew
Lynch, “12 Reasons Why Obama is the Best President Ever”). He earned it for his “extraordinary
efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” (Norwegian
Nobel Committee). This all goes to show how Obama is doing everything in his power to make
the world a better place.
Before President Obama took office, the economy in America was in the dumps. It was in
a bad recession, possibly the worst since the Great Depression. Once Obama was elected
president, he immediately began towards a better economy as he wanted to see the nation grow.
The unemployment fell from a high ten percent in 2009 to a 5.5 percent in current days. The
federal deficit is also on the decline; it has reached a low of 2.4 percent. The debt is still
growing, but at a slower rate than before. This is important because in the future, the only way to
solve the growing debt problem is to continually reduce the federal deficit each year. Obama has
also made it clear that he is an advocate for the success of the middle class. He believes that
“rebuilding our economy starts with strengthening the middle class. Extending tax breaks on 98

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percent of families now would give hard-working Americans the security and confidence they
need" (President Obama). This is crucial because Obama understands that in order to rebuild the
economy, he will need lots of help from the general public. This idea allows for everybody to
have a shot at work and being successful, therefore translating success to the government and
economy as a whole. “The economy grows from the middle out, from the bottom up” (President
Obama). It is quite reassuring that the president has finally solved the puzzle that is federal debt.
This can only lead to greater things down the road, as a country without debt has greater chances
at growing and working efficiently.
In conclusion, President Obama is the most influential person in the world because he has
broken the social barrier, become the first black president, and fixed the economy in the United
States. Obama is a very influential man and is not done changing the world just yet. His eight
years as president may end soon, but he is going to continue to change the world even after his
term ends. He will leave lasting impacts and has accomplished legendary things. He changed the
world in many ways, and helped out America when it was in desperate times of need. In today’s
world, it takes a very influential person to be in a position of leadership in order to make a
difference. There are so many different views and opinions of every situation, and it takes a
special person such as Obama to notice and take every opinion into consideration. If he didn’t
listen to the public’s opinions, they would feel that they have no control of their country or
future. This would lead to problems and an overall bad reputation for President Obama. Overall,
Obama has been the most influential person in history due to all of the extraordinary things he
has completed in his life. “For that is the true genius of America- that America can change. Our

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union can be perfected. And what we have already achieved gives us hope for what we can and
must achieve tomorrow” (Barack Obama, 176 “OBAMA, THE HISTORIC JOURNEY).

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