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G. Schirmer's Library of Digital Perusal Scores

Terry Riley
Keyboard Studies Nos. 1 and 2

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Score for sale from G. Schirmer Rental Library
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2 Sales tax is charged on all orders shipped to New York or California. Schirmer Rental and Performance Library. Shipping charges are additional. 4 EVENT DETAILS Information optional. Use the REQUEST FOR RENTAL MATERIALS form to place a rental order. All orders must be pre-paid. fax. To Pay for They are not available from music dealers. Domestic orders will be via UPS Ground.G. Electronics (e. 1 PRINT-ON-DEMAND Print-on-demand titles are sold as-is. Print completed form. fax. fax. not sold as print-on-demand. Print form. Enter name and E-mail address below. NY 10918 USA phone 845-469-4699 fax 845-469-7544 E-mail rental@schirmer. Shipping address: City: State/province: Country: Telephone: Revision 20111007 Zip/postal code: . Name: We must have a non-Post Office Box address for all shipments.g. Schirmer Rental and Performance Library 445 Bellvale Road PO Box 572 Chester. check the work’s specific web page on www. then mail. your order will not be processed. and tax (when applicable): Complete steps 4 and 5. Credit card number (VISA or MasterCard only): To Request the Printing Price Card expiration date: To request standard rates for printing only: Skip steps 4 and 5. and Tax To pay standard rates for printing. No returns or refunds. International orders will be shipped via UPS. Organization: Date(s) and location(s) of performance(s): 5 CUSTOMER INFORMATION All information required. The titles available are pre-publication or out-of-print editions. synthesizer patches. Please allow seven to ten business days to process your order. Shipping. If required information is not provided. MUSIC REQUESTED State/province: Zip/postal code: Composer: Country: Title: County (New York or California only): Scored for: Telephone number (required): 3 Billing E-mail address: PRICE All orders must be pre-paid. not individual scores or parts. or save and attach to an E-mail message. Name: Billing address: City: Only complete sets are for sale. shipping. They may not represent a composer’s final intentions before publication. then mail. Only works with Availability: Sale from Rental Library indicated on their web pages are sold as Print-on-Demand by the G. These titles may be computer-engraved or they may be written by hand. or save and attach to an E-mail message. Works for more than six players are rented. Name: E-mail address: CVC code: Name as it appears on credit card: Check “I Accept” if you want this transaction processed in your home currency and not in US Dollars: I Accept 6 SHIPPING All information required.schirmer. Before ordering. or save and attach to an E-mail message. then mail. CD sound samples) are rental only. Print completed form. Cost is determined before REQUEST FOR SALES MATERIALS: Print-on-Demand Use the TAB key to navigate this form.