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Dr. C. S. Gordon, Jr.

, President
Isaiah J. Webster, Chair Oversight Committee
Rene` F. Brown, Secretary

Stan Jones, Jr., Director
Faye Johnson, Office Manager
724 Harding Blvd.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70807
Office: (225) 774-8924
Fax: (225) 774-8920

Board Members:
Willie Gable, Jr.
Joseph J. Mitchell

Reserved Parking Rental Contract
This rental agreement details the rental of the car parking space known as:
Owner: T. J. Jemison Baptist Student Center
Located at: 724 Harding Boulevard ~ Baton Rouge, La.
Tenant Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number_____________________________________________________________________
Vehicle Year/Make/Model/Color ______________________________________________________
The T. J. Jemison Baptist Student Center will grant the tenant use of space for the hours of
12:00pm (noon) until 4 hours after end of game. No vehicles are to be left overnight.
T. J. Jemison assumes no responsibility for any damage to person or property arising out of
this rental.
This rental cannot be sublet, assigned or transferred.
Failure to abide by the attached conditions is cause for revocation of this agreement. Either the T. J. Jemison
Baptist Student Center or tenant where seven (7) days written notice is provided can terminate this agreement at
any time. In the event of termination of this agreement, the rental payment is non-refundable.

T. J. Jemison Baptist Student
Center Representative____________________________________________________________

An Auxiliary of the Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention

This contract parking agreement is made and entered into by and between T. J. Jemison Baptist Student
Center and the listed tenant to use parking space under the terms and conditions set forth herein.
1) LICENSE. Tenant may use and occupy one (1) reserved parking space located at 724 Harding Boulevard on
the indicated dates at the indicated times for the rental rates stated for the following express purposes and no
other purpose: Parking is for normal passenger vehicles only, including light weight pick-up trucks.
2) TERM / DAYS / HOURS. This contract term shall be for game days only from 12:00pm when gates open
until 4 hours after the end of game. No vehicles are to be left overnight.
3) PAYMENT. No deposit will be required; however, tenant agrees that all damages, including damages
surrounding the parking perimeter, associated with use of the space will be the responsibility of the tenant. The
rental fee shall be $15.00 per game and $20.00 for homecoming. Payment for rental must be received by the
Owner in full before tenant is issued a parking pass.

4) LIABILITY. The Owner assumes no responsibility for any damage to person or property arising out of this
rental. Articles left in vehicles are at the vehicle owner's risk. Tenant understands and expressly agrees that the
Owner is not responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents by fire, vandalism, theft or any other
cause, nor for loss, damage or injury by or to other customers or any other individual personal injury of any
nature. Tenant expressly acknowledges that the Owner shall have no duty to provide security, and expressly
does not assume any obligation to provide for the security of the parking area or to protect individuals using the
parking area, or vehicles or property in the parking area, from criminal activities.
5) TERMINATION. An event of default shall be deemed to occur should any of the following events happen:
a. Failure of Tenant to timely pay rental fee, the owner may terminate this agreement;
b. If Tenant, or his/her guests damages any personal property in the parking area in addition to any
liability Tenant may have for any claims, losses or costs arising out of such damage, the Owner may terminate
this agreement.
6) CONDITIONS. The Owner reserves the right to post temporary restrictions to parking for purposes of
facility cleaning, maintenance and use for center events. The parties agree that Owner shall have the right,
without further notice to Tenant to have towed any vehicle that is parked in the parking space that is not the
registered vehicle of the Tenant.
This agreement is fully executed upon receipt of signature from both parties (Owner and Tenant)

Tenant _______________________________________________________________________
T. J. Jemison Baptist Student ______________________________________________________
Center Representative