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Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Plan

Name: Tamadur Alkashqari
Date: future lesson

Grade Level: preschool (3 to 5 years)

Lesson Title: palnt and flower
Circle one:



Standard(s)/Guideline(s): Approaches Towards Learning: Creativity/Use imagination and creativity to interact with objects and materials
Physical Well-Being and Motor Development: Motor Development/Coordinate the use of hands, fingers and wrists to manipulate objects
and perform tasks requiring precise movement
Pre-assessment of current knowledge: The students will learn about the parts of plant

Instructional Objectives (1-2)

Assessment of Student Learning

Learning Experience

One/Two Assessed

Identify Evidence: (What will you collect or record as Academic Language: English

Instructional Objective(s):

data to demonstrate students have met your

Procedural steps:

* The student will be able to...

objective(s) and skill?)

Students will first learn about plants.

Appreciate plant and flowers as

Random name will be called out and the student will They will then differentiate flowering and non-flowering

a unique and essential part of

be asked to point out the part of the plant. Class plants

their life.

questions that focus on the environment will be asked I will prepare all the materials for the students

*Observe and explore their

through play cards. The students will be mesaured by I will show them the materials and let them draw their

natural environment. They

their ability to recognize images showing different own plant.

should be able to recognize

types of seedlings. Pictures of the student’s artwork.

various plants
One Assessed Developmental

Program Monitoring: (How will you aggregate or Authentic Materials: (Describe authentic real life,


Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Plan


compile your evidence into a class or group view?)

hands-on materials.)

Children will be able to point on

Make a checklist of the students that were able to Art smocks

the part of plant using their

recognize images showing different types of seedlings Various colors of paper


and point on the part of plant.

Drawing pencils

Safety Considerations:

Paint colors

Students will use the art smocks

Paint brushes

to protect their clothing.

Paper towels
Plastic cups

Adult Roles:
I will show them the materials and help them if needed.

I know that students learn a lot through imitation and copying. I will learn more about the students. Some students will like or dislike plants. And If
hey are ready to know about the plants in their environment. I will also know if they are interest on seedlings and plants growth. In future, the lesson


Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Plan

plans will include practical activities where the students raise and rear the plants. I will give the students tree planting exercise to give them the
opportunities to use their motor skills. And I can have them paint on a paper and cut out their plant.