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Lott 1

Anthony Lott
Dr. Jizi
UWRT 1102-009
1 March 2016

Double Entry Journal
Citation: Dietsch, J. "News and Views: Merry Christmas to the Economy, from the Robotics and
Automation Community." Ieee Robotics and Automation Magazine. 18.4 (2011): 8-9. Print.

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“Robotics and automation-related research
promises productivity gains matching or
exceeding those of the roaring 1990s, when
personal computers and Internet combined
forces.” P. 8

Single individuals will most likely gain from
robotics and engineering. The truth is that
robots will most likely replace lower end jobs
and hurt the economy for the common man.

“Productivity improvement frees capital to
reinvest in R&D that improves revenues,
which increases hiring and wage levels.”
P. 8

How can hiring increase if automation is
implemented within a corporation? Wouldn’t
robotics decrease the need to hire human

“Unfortunately, if the supply of properly
skilled employees is inadequate,
unemployment remains high and consumer
spending low.” P. 8

This seems like a more realistic outlook on the
implication of robotics in the workforce.

“Companies such as McKesson apply it to
health care to improve patient outcomes.”
P. 8

The article is talking about how artificial
intelligence is being used to speed up
development and be more precise. I believe its
use in critical jobs that require pin point
accuracy is justified.

“Years perfecting the handling
and interface of remote surgical
equipment, such as Da Vinci, means
thousands of surgeons spend less time
traveling and more time applying their skills,

Here is a perfect example of how automation
can be used in a productive fashion. The
human resource is still required and robotics
helps make the surgery more accurate and
efficient. Can the same ideology be applied to

Lott 2

with better results.” P. 8

other job titles? The answer is probably no.

Rehabilitation robotics has taken dramatic
leaps forward: the hybrid-assistive
limb (HAL) exoskeleton, for example,
will soon be tested by as many as 100
handicapped patients to move limbs.
Brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) such
as BrainGate are becoming more
reliable and easier to use. P. 8

Yet another example of robotics being used as
a positive resource. Could exoskeletons be
further enhanced to be use in the military or
everyday life? Image an army equipped with
exoskeletons, giving a distict edge over the
enemy. Could exoskeletons also be used for
workers in physically demanding jobs?

“In agriculture, automation promises
a dramatic reduction in wastemore than
labor.” P.9

Automation of the agriculture sector could
completely decimate workers in that field.
Image the use of robotics in farming, there
wouldn’t even be a need for workers. On the
other hand waste would be eliminated but at
what cost?

“Even Google is developing autonomous
vehicle navigation and its offshoot, street
view mapping.” P. 9

I don’t think people see the impact of such an
implication of self-driving vehicles. Think of
all the jobs that require a driver!

“Likewise, the Kinect deploys face-, voice-,
and shaperecognition techniques from
roboticists and supplies them with modestpriced structured light devices
in exchange.” P. 9

The Kinect was one of the biggest fails in the
history of gaming. Likewise, we can see
implications of robotics and VR in the realm
of each home. VR is the future of gaming and

“Employment stagnation occurs during
economic growth if the skills of the
available workforce do not match
the needs of the employers.” P. 9

Simple tasks can be better completed by
robots almost always and is often cheaper in
the long run. We cannot blame society for the
rise automation, rather the greed of the
consumers and CEO’s of the world.

Lott 3

Robotics promises a better future and stabilized economy when implemented in various
work fields. Investing in robotics promises many monetary benefits and is an expanding market.
Robotics are paving the way for a more efficient and precise way to do certain job tasks that
humans cannot do. From aiding a surgeon more accurately perform his surgery, to aiding and
rehabilitating the disabled, robots have a bright future. Artificial Intelligence is also making
headway in today’s modern society. The use of AI allows for better organized and precise data
that cannot be done by human intervention. Automation in the agriculture industry allows for an
increase in wages and job growth in the robotics sector. Autonomous vehicles can allow for a
safer driving experience and reduce the frequency of accidents. Google has already began
research and development on self-driving cars, yet many obstacles are still upon them.
Automation has little negative impacts due to the fact that autonomous robots aid in areas where
human skills are lacking and do not meet the employers expectations. There is a bright future for
robotics and AI.