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Durgin 1

Isaiah Durgin
English 4
Mrs. DeBock
10 February 2016
Essential Question: Why do music programs need to be funded?
Working Thesis: Music is critical for the development of the human brain as well as the
development of society as a whole.
Refined Thesis: Music programs need to be funded because music helps with the development of
the human brain which leads to a more educated and advanced society.
Annotated Bibliography
Ford, Adam. “Point: The Arts are a Vital Part of Education.” Points of View: Arts & Music in
Public Schools (2015): 1. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 9 Feb. 2016
Adam Ford’s article states that standardized testing has shortchanged the arts program.
He also writes that students that participate in activities such as band, drama, and art often excel
and are more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. The author closes his article by
presenting that standardized testing should not cancel the funding or importance of the arts
programs but should actually go hand in hand with each other. I can use this article to show that
participation in the arts compliments and enhances performance in a student’s academic studies,
showing that these programs should have more focus towards them.

Levitin, Daniel J. This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession. New York,
N.Y: Dutton, 2006. Print.
This book is on the study of how music affects the brain and how the development of the
human race has developed around music. The author, Daniel Levitin, writes about the science

Durgin 2
behind how music is received by our brain. It is full studies showing how people develop based
on the music that they listen to as well as how music is used to study the development of brains. I
can use information from this book because it has examples of how music is used to develop
young and adult minds alike. This proves my point of having funding provided for music
programs because it demonstrates the importance of music on brain development.

"School Funding." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Detroit: Gale, 2015. Opposing
Viewpoints In Context. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.
This article gives the reader a broad overview of how schools are funded and where the
budgets of schools are usually cut. The author describes how schools receive their money, both
from state taxes as well as corporate advertisements at sporting events. They also discuss the
political reforms towards education. Some politicians argue that there is too much money being
spent on education while others argue that too little is being spent. This article will support my
position of the need for an arts program by displaying the problems presented by budget cuts to
the public school system.