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Silent Pain

Jessica Schweiss
Mrs. O’Brien
ENGL 1900
1 November 2015


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Thesis Statement; If animals have the right to life, it is unethical and deceitful for

humans to eliminate them. Not only do animals have the right to life, they have moral
rights as well as humans do.
Animals have a worth
A. Humans fail to recognize their worth.
B. They have moral rights.
C. The debate began during the late 1900’s
Animal rights is a huge debate.
A. Countries began to ban animal testing.
B. People threatened the lives of the researchers doing animal testing.
IV. Animals do not have rights.
A. They do not have the ability to care and moral judgement as
humans do. (disagree)
B. The animals are household pets.
1. They can feel lonely when their owner neglects

2. They can show companionship towards their owner.
Hunting should not be banned; However, it should be controlled.
A. Animals play a financial value towards humans.
B. Hunting was a crucial way of survival back then.
The rights and love for animals are the main reason for vegetarianism.
A. Animals are held deprived of sunlight, exercise, and an actual
lifestyle for us to eat burgers and other meats.
1. Our food choices influence factory farming and the
respect Americans show for animals.
2. More than 25 billion animals are killed by meat
industries every year.
B. The average American meat eater is responsible for the death of 90
animals per year.
C. Animals are routinely injected with hormones to help their grow
D. Test subjects are held in horribly environments where the only


thing keeping them alive is the antibiotics given to them.
Farms have multiple purposes.
A. A controlled farm may be used to care for animals.

3 Schweiss
B. Other farms have animals under control to be nurtured and toiled

A vegetarian diet can save several animals throughout the world from harmful,

unnecessary pain.
A. In every second, a whole football field from a rainforest is
destroyed to make about 300 burgers.
B. A vegetarian diet can reduce pollution in lands and water.
C. Eating one hamburger does just as much damage as driving a car


for three weeks.
Animals suffer just as humans do.
A. Humans are against experimenting on other humans.
B. Discriminating against animals because they can’t talk or feel is
comparable to discriminating against humans who have mental disabilities.
Although animal experimentation helps science research, animals have rights as

well as humans.
A. Animals feel pain and can love just as humans can.
B. According to the Bible, man have the right to decide whether or

not animals deserve to be cared for.
Researchers treat animals humanely.
A. The test results should be accurate.
1. Test are held by veterinarians, specialists, and
animal health technicians.
2. If these test were not done on animals, they would



die from other diseases.
B. AWA has not succeeded in preventing animal abuse.
Experiments waste animal lives.
A. Flaws were found in majority of animal studies.
B. Many suffer during studies, if not are killed after the experiment is
Cosmetics and other health care products are claimed to be tested on animals for

their safety.
A. The Animal Welfare Act has not succeeded in preventing horrific
cases in animal abuse.

4 Schweiss
B. Many animals were caught on camera being left awake and aware
during painful experimentation.
C. Researchers claim very few animals are used and it is worth for the


huge medical progress.
Animal Testing is cruel and unethical.
A. Animals are different makeup than humans.
1. Rats are being tested for men’s cologne.
2. Some animals like rats, mice, and rabbits are most
B. 95% of animals used are not protected by AWA.
Animal research is very highly regulated.
A. Laws are said to help protect these animals from harm.
B. These laws are regulated through the AWA.
Animal test rarely are reliable for human products.
A. Many drugs passed in labs fail on humans.
1. 100 stroke drugs failed on humans that were
proven reliable by animals.
2. 85 HIV’s failed in humans after working on “non-


human” primates
B. Nearly 150 trials passed by animal testing failed.
Experimentation in labs are expensive.
A. Test cost a fortune that is unnecessary.
B. A two animal cancer study can cost from two to four million.
Test given for animals are not required by law.
A. Even if a product blinds an animal, the product can still be
marketed to customers.
B. Substances are being shoved into stomachs or squirted in eyes.
C. Most are killed for furniture and clothing.

Silent Pain
Today's world remains blinded by the menacing and threatening treatment towards
animals. It is very common for animal and human lives to interact with one another. People look
back to when they brought home their furry new family member from the pet store, bought a
brand new mink coat, or spent a day at their local zoo. Humans fail to recognize the impact of

5 Schweiss
these actions that seem so careless at the time. More than one hundred million animals each year
are burned, poisoned, or mistreated in experimental labs. According to PETA, “the FDA reported
that 92 out of every 100 drugs that successfully pass animal trials and go into human clinical
testing fail during the human clinical trial phase” (1). Humans also handle these animals as if
they are resources and material for their ability to survive. In the earlier days, this kind of
treatment would be considered immoral or even unethical. If animals have the right to live, it is
unethical and deceitful for humans to eliminate them. Not only do animals have the right to live,
they have moral rights as well as humans do. God’s intent was to make all his creations equal.
God created these animals on his own, giving them these basic rights.
The debate began centuries ago, when animal rights became an universal issue. The rights
of animals are more complex and go beyond animal experiments. Years ago, the amount of
animals used in labs for testing increased significantly. After this, people made a massive attack
towards this type of testing. The attention towards this issue led to some countries acting up and
creating certain laws. Some people felt so strongly about the issue, they threatened the lives and
families of the researchers conducting the experiments.
The dispute claims animals do not have the ability to care or have any honorable
judgement as humans do. In 2015, ASPCA came out with facts showing an estimate of 70-80
million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States. These results exclude other
household pets such as: horses, snakes, hamsters, and birds (1). However, these animals are
household pets. A household pet is a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or
pleasure and treated with care. In fact, these animals do show compassion for their owners, and
they can feel when they are being neglected. The quarrel for animals not having the ability to feel
affection, or a liking towards humans is misleading due to the fact animals are shown to be

6 Schweiss
depressed when they are alone. These animals have feelings and can be lonely when they are not
being loved at every moment or feeling neglected. Therefore, they all deserve rights. People are
to blame when it comes to animal abuse. In 2013, Adahil Penaloza published to Orting News
stating, “Our attitude to animals is the reason animal cruelty exists. By changing the way we
think about them, we can improve their lives” (1). Supporters even believe they have an inherent
worth and a value other than the use for humans.
Animal rights fundamentalists believe these rights come into play at different times.
However, these fundamentalists view these animals as something other than lovable pets. Proven
by this group is the fact many animals have some sort of financial value toward humans, dead or
alive. The reason for this value can be displayed with the involvement in jobs these animals
have. Jobs such as zoo keepers, breeders, and farmers would be out of work if it was not for their
keeping of these animals. Sometimes, taking these animals out of their natural habitat can
mentally damage their mind. A fish who has been caught from their open ocean and kept inside a
small cage is probably not going to be too pleased. Imagine one being taken from their home and
kept in a small, distinct area. Many argue zoos and marine parks are unethical; they claim the
holding of these animals for show is inappropriate. On the other hand, even the most extreme
animal lovers counter this argument. These animals are not being taken out of their natural
habitat because zoos and other marine parks set up exhibits to fit the species's need. The animals
are not being neglected nor punished; In fact, they are being cared for and admired by visitors.
Taking a mammal out of their habitat for the wrong reasons is violent and harsh. There is no need
for an animal to be taken and put into a cage. In August of 2015, the website ProCon published
an article called “Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?” In it, the
unnamed author stated information concerning the debate over animals right. The article stated,

7 Schweiss
“Discriminating against animals because they do not have the cognitive ability, language, or
moral judgement that humans do is no more justifiable than discriminating against human beings
with severe mental impairments” (1). Animals do not deserve to be taken away from their
Hunting is often discussed by people who favor animal rights. However, hunters
apparently have rights to kill animals for their own personal need. The sigh relief for hunters
when hunting season comes around is a terrible horror for animal lovers everywhere. The annual
amount of money spent by hunters in the United States on a license to hunt or public land fees is
well over a few hundred million dollars. Yes, hunting was a crucial way to survive centuries
years ago. Now, hunting is no more than a violent act. Hunting is one of the main reasons for
extinction. Not only are they being hunted down, some are not instantly killed and continually
suffer. Nature takes care of the natural balance in the ecosystem. Hunting these healthy animals
down is unnecessary. Wildlife conservations contribute over a couple hundred million dollars on
more than thousands of hunting organizations. Animals in wildlife organizations are more free
than the animals being kept in cages in laboratories, waiting for the day they have to be toiled
with. These conservations are great for people to observe the habitats of these animals. However,
there is an extent to how they treat the animals.
Some animal admirers might allege their side and opinions on hunting. Even though they
may have a good claim, hunting will probably never be banned. Hunting is a way of life, and
there needs to be an understanding for everyone on why it will never be prohibited. Hunting
these animals provides hunters and their families food they prefer. The problem should not be
forbidding hunting, it should be restricting it. There is authority over hunting rules, but there

8 Schweiss
could be more restraint to protect wildlife. Although, a vast amount of families hunt, there are
others who believe in these rights.
For example, vegetarians are considered the be a main believer in animal rights. When
one is claimed to be a vegetarian, they do not eat meat, poultry, or fish. Vegetarians limit their
diet to mainly fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. They may eat eggs or other dairy products,
avoiding any hidden animal products that may be within the foods. Vegetarianism is not always a
choice or lifestyle one chooses. Often times, there is a reason one decides to exclude all animal
type foods from their diet. Sometimes, people take on a vegetarian diet due to their religion.
However, rights and love for animals are the main reason for vegetarianism. Animals are being
deprived of sunlight, exercise, and an actual free lifestyle for humans to eat burgers and other
meats. There is a horrendous amount of chickens killed just for people to enjoy some mouthwatering chicken nuggets. Our food choices determine factory farming and display our respect
for the animals. In order for someone to enjoy a delicious steak, a cow must be butchered. If one
took a look inside a dog's mouth, for example, they would see “canine” teeth. These teeth are for
dogs to tear through flesh and bones. If one then looks at a human’s mouth, they would see small
teeth made specifically for breaking down plant material. This observation makes it seem
humans were never meant to eat meat.
Being on a vegetarian diet can reduce the amount of pollution in the land and water. Not
only does this diet make the economy better, it saves several animals throughout the world from
harmful and unnecessary pain. Several forests have to be cut down to help produce our meals.
The reason for this is because countries destroy the forest area in order to create a region for
cattle. They cut the trees down for the cattle to stay there. Once everything is eaten, new places
are cut open for them. All of this takes place overseas in order to produce cheap beef. However,

9 Schweiss
the amount of damage they cause to these vibrant forests are extremely unpleasant. Innocent
animals are not only losing their life, but the rainforest wildlife is losing their home. Not only is
this a miserable thing to think about, it is very troubling.
A huge percentage of animals are killed by meat industries every year. The average
American meat eater is responsible for the death of several animals. If a person enjoys any more
meat, all the animals will be extinct. Humans say killing these animals is necessary for them to
obtain daily meals. This means any typical animal lover is basically murdering what they love
the most which is unfortunate and ironic. These animals are routinely injected with certain
hormones to help them grow larger. Some are given steroids to enhance their growth and
antibiotics to get rid of all illnesses. This insulin basically builds them to be healthy, causing the
meat and food they produce that much more appetizing. Imagine being an animal and the only
purpose to live is to be stuffed with chemicals and killed for human pleasure. Not only is the
living conditions inside the cages inhumane, the slaughtering of these animals are performed
even worse ways. The thought of animals being rudely treated can make a human sick to their
There are several reasons for farms. A owner may control a farm in order to take care of
their animals. This is the type of farm that comes to mind when thinking of the typical farm. The
other type of farms are where the animals are under the control to be nurtured. These farms need
to be watched more. Some may argue fines being paid for the loss of the animals under control of
people. The people are collecting animals in order to use them to their advantage. Whether it is to
sell the animals or to use them for their own purpose, the families create a business out of the
farm. The animals are shoved forcefully into an unpleasant and mucky shed stuffed with
torturous items. These giant corporations came to the realization of the amount of money they

10 Schweiss
can make by cramming these helpless creatures into these enclosed spaces. Most will stay into
these areas until they are transferred to trucks to be beheaded. The torment for these poor animals
is not only ridiculous, it's unlawful.
Most people who claim to be in favor of animal rights do not realize where most of their
store bought items are coming from. Our everyday products are being tested on these innocent
animals. Cosmetics is a huge product tested in these experiments. Things such as makeup,
perfume, and other body products are tested on whether or not they are human safe. Makeup
products were previously never tested on animals before being sold in stores. This ended in the
early 1900’s when a woman got blinded from using mascara. After this incident, several
companies began to test their products on animals. Opposers claim these experiments are
required to make sure these products are safe. These products normally fail when tested on
humans. This means the tests are a waste of money.
Popular product brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Revlon, Garnier, and even Herbal
Essences still test on animals to produce their products. These are some of the most loved
products sold. Even though the Animal Welfare Act attempted to fix this horrific issue, nothing
has changed. AWA has not succeeded in preventing animal abuse. Some may disagree. Humane
Science is Superior Science published an article stating, “The AWA regulates the care and use of
animals in research, testing, teaching, exhibition, transport, and by dealers. However, the AWA
provides only minimal protection for certain species” (Laws and Regulation 1). After some
companies were being taped, it was found many animals were being left conscious during these
experiments. They are aware of the whole painful situation going on during tests. Researchers
claim testing these animals are worth making these products safe. If one thinks about it, innocent
animals are being tortured and abused in order for one to buy their daily products. The cost for

11 Schweiss
tests like these are insane. This money could be used for other greater things rather than testing
on innocent animals.
Animal research is highly regulated by many different organizations. Several laws
“claim” to protect these animals from harm. However, not all laws are controlled. Most of these
animal laws are regulated by different organizations. The knowledge researchers have received
allowed for advancement in medications. New technology was given to them through animal
testing. Animal cruelty and animal testing are similar and should all have the same consequences.
Some people may think after certain laws, this abuse is no longer going on. However, abuse is
getting worse and worse as time goes on. It is kind of like slavery. Yes, the United States does
have a law prohibiting slavery. On the other hand, there really is not absolutely no slavery going
on. Even though there is a law, things like that still occur. These laws are just a statement.
Sometimes, they are not always the truth.
Besides the point of laws against animal rights, the amount of animals used is a waste.
The studies held are full of flaws. Many suffer, if not die before the experiment is even over. The
whole process is cruel. Not only are animals being cruelly treated in laboratories, everyday
humans are treating them just as bad. The discovery of the internet opened the door for bigger
and more cruel type acts on animals. Videos shown on the web are able to fire up audiences.
Everyday on the news, animals are found in trashcans or on the street by owners who neglected
them. Think about a person’s household pet. It can be hard to imagine an innocent pet being
mistreated. The heartlessness in the person who put aside such a loving creature is ruthful. The
Shelter Pet Project was launched years ago. They are a public service ad campaigning pets in
shelters are wonderful and amazing. Those commercials of innocent animals being shown on TV
are real. They are the commercials that make many humans look away or skip forward because

12 Schweiss
of the sorrow it brings them to think about their own pet being put through the pain. They show
the dirty and beat up animals kept in animal shelters. There is thousands of animal adoptions
from these animal shelters. However, some animals are left untouched and unknown of.
Household pets are being beat and tortured by their owners. The National Coalition
Against Domestic Violence showed 68% of women reported violence towards their animals.
75% of these acts were committed in front of children (Animal Rights Coalition 1). Therefore,
not only are the animals being abused, but innocent children have to watch their own pet being
pounded to death. Pets are common. Most households have a pet. There are anti-cruelty laws in
the U.S. states and territories to forbid unnecessary killing, neglecting, and abandoning. If pets
are so common, abuse towards them is probably greatly known.
Not only are these cruel acts happening on land, the ocean is another hot spot. Imagine
being trapped in a cage and in a blink of an eye, life is over. Marine animals nationwide are
mistreated and are even in danger. Marine animals are innocent creatures who have done nothing
wrong to any other being to deserve the treatment they get. Since humans are brutal, species are
becoming endangered and extinct. A huge problem most people overlook is littering. A plastic
bag being carelessly thrown in the ocean can make its way down the ocean harming animals.
These creatures can eat the trash, killing themselves, or the trash could be trapped around them
suffering them. Sharks are a great example. Sharks are punished and captured. The fisherman or
capturers will chop off their fins and roll them back into the ocean. They are terribly endangered
because of people coming into their territory and throwing them back in finless for them to die.
Even though there is over an enormous amount of animal species in existence today, there are
still many becoming extinct from animal cruelty.

13 Schweiss
Animal cruelty and rights are such a controversial topic due to the fact that most of the
knowledge researchers gain are from these test. Although several animals endure these harmful
experiments, they are overlooked by the amount of information scientists gain from them. The
argument from the people in favor of this issue is the benefits gained for society. The results from
these labs are bettering the world. Even though putting a stop to all types of animal testing and
cruelty is nearly impossible, it can still be managed. Not only is it an obligation to recognize the
necessity to end animal violence, there is still a possibility of the world becoming a better place.
There may still be some optimism for the future. The expectations are high for all animal
testing to decrease. On the other hand, there are countries where animal testing is rarely
regulated. This may continue to be an ongoing issue. There are activist who will surely never put
a halt on their ambition to ban all testing. Testing on animals is morally wrong. There needs to be
more regulations on animals around the world. Abuse is happening almost everywhere as well.
There needs to be more control around the world to help save these innocent animals.

14 Schweiss
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