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MCT Formal Lesson Observations Feedback

Student teacher’s name: Aisha Ahmed
Unit/Lesson: English 17 students

Grade Level:1
Date: 9.3.16

E = Excellent, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, M = Marginal and US = Unsatisfactory

Competency Area







Planning for Learning (including Knowledge and
Understanding of Content)


Implementing and Managing Learning (including behaviour
management, language and delivery)
Monitoring, Assessment and Evaluation


Critical Reflection

Strengths of the lesson:
.Well organized at the beginning of the lesson although need to give children markers in the group
Told them clearly what they would be doing to start the lesson.
You have a positive and pleasant manner with the students.
Checking all children are listening to you before continuing to talk.
Using intonation in your voice well and building anticipation e.g whispering. Had good control before
starting this activity.
You really tried hard to give clear instructions outside but students were so excited to get to the boxes
that they didn’t all follow them. They really liked this game.
You gave them a while reading activity when reading your story (find ur sound). Using props with the
story. Good expression and use of voice when telling the story. Discussing what they learned from the
Reading and writing was involved in the activity (reading the story and word at the beginning of the
lesson as well as in the group activity)
Using a few behavior management strategies including talking to them about what they are doing.
Reviewed sounds at the end of the lesson.
Spoke about some negative behavior that was seen during the lesson and reviewed some good
behavior seen too and showed the result (their work). Good.

Areas for development:
Check where you are putting activities in the planning sheet as you have a whole class activity in the
guided group section.
Check word choice- Turn/switch the light off rather than close the light. We are going to play rather than
we will going to play.
Check the vowel sounds carefully I (not e)
Remember you were doing shared reading and children really wanted to read. It is reading practice
which they need at every opportunity.
Get the grammar checked in the story (stood for 1 minutes to thought. A water
Instructions needed to be much clearer in the group activity and you might have modelled one
Give the children more opportunity to construct their own writing as the sentence starter was already
there and the ending was copied. This writing activity needed to be extended and the children given a
choice of what they wanted to write. Children became restless.