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Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Plan

Name:Tamadur Alkashqari
Date: future lesson

Grade Level: preschool ages (3 to 5)

Lesson Title: My plant
Circle one:



Standard(s)/Guideline(s): Physical Well-Being and Motor Development: Motor Development/Coordinate the use of hands, fingers and wrists to
manipulate objects and perform tasks requiring precise movements.
Approaches Toward Learning: Initiative and curiosity: Seek new and varied experiences and challenges.
Pre-assessment of current knowledge: observe living things including water, sun and plants.

Instructional Objectives (1-2)

Assessment of Student Learning

Learning Experience

One/Two Assessed

Identify Evidence: (What will you collect or record

Academic Language: English

Instructional Objective(s):

as data to demonstrate students have met your

Procedural steps:

The student will be able to...

objective(s) and skill?)

1- Define different types


Class questions that focus on the environment


will be asked through play cards.
Pictures of student’s work.

of plants
2- Identify the parts of

1- Identify the parts of plants: ability to distinguish
between roots, stem and leaves
2- Learn that plants are living things
3- Learn different types of plants

plants and flowers

4- Encourage students to talk about their
experience with planting seeds.
5- Talk about the steps that we should follow to
plant the seeds and assist them to follow these
Program Monitoring: (How will you aggregate or

One Assessed Developmental



Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Plan


compile your evidence into a class or group view?)

Logical and scientific skills
Safety Considerations:

Students will learn how


6- Proceeded to demonstrate what was learned

Make a checklist of the students that were able

a- Asked the kids to fill the planter with soil to

to identify the part of plants and define

demonstrate their motor skills
b- Required the kids to dig in the soil prior to

different types of plants.
planting while explaining the importance of

to discard poisonous

Learn to appreciate
nature and the
environment as part of


this step for better results
c- Provided the kids with strawberry plants and
proceeded to planting
d- Required the kids to water the plants using
the supplied water sprays

their well being.
Students will share one

Authentic Materials: (Describe authentic real life,

planter and spray bottle

hands-on materials.)

for water.

Live plant sample and nature tours will be used.

1- Soil
2- Water
3- Planters
4- Water Spray


Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Plan

5- Strawberry plants

Adult Roles:

Ensuring safety during the planting process
Ensuring that the kids are properly applying


what was learned
Observing their motor skills and providing


adequate help when needed
Ensuring that the process is smooth and wellorganized

Reflection: (What have you learned about your students? How will this inform future instruction?)
What have you learned about your students?
Throughout this process, I have noticed that students learn a lot through imitation and copying. After the teacher demonstrates a certain skill,
the students are eager to replicate it. In general, children often imitate those within their immediate environment: I have observed that the students
interact a lot with their classmates during this activity. Every student was eager to plant using the provided materials; no student encountered any


Early Childhood Education
Learning Experience Plan

difficulty during this activity. However, I have noticed that some students are not willing to share or wait for their turn to spray the soil. This indicates
that team work is not always present in the students’ spirit.

How will this inform future instruction?
This activity allowed me to find out about a few areas that could be improved. For instance, exposing the students to more team activities will allow
them to work better together. Also, in order to develop their motor skills, I will need to expose them to more activities that require hand usage. For
example, I could ask them to draw their own plant and cut it by using scissors prior to the actual planting exercise. This way, they can practice how to
use their hands and fingers and improve their motor skills while doing so.
To encourage creativity, I can have indoor activities that will give each student the opportunity to display individual skills. I could provide each
student with a small pot that would be used for planting. This way, the students are free to use their imagination and come up with creative ideas to
perform the activity.