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Donnette Ferdinand – 308003507

Evaluation of Multimedia Project
My peers provided valuable feedback on our multimedia project. Their comments
included the positive aspects of the project, as well as areas that can be improved. I think that
their comments were sound and justified. They were able to provide evidence from the project to
support their statements.
In terms of the positives, it was noted that Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructions were
intertwined throughout the lesson. It was also agreed that the lesson was well suited for the target
audience, namely, children between the ages of ten and twelve. One individual commented that
the entertainment element was taken into account, since the goal of visiting the web for most
children is entertainment. Both persons were of the opinion that the lesson’s content was
presented in a fun way and that efforts were made to make it exciting. The use of colours was
also stated as a positive, and the background music was appropriate for the overall theme of the
project. The use of the YouTube video was praised by both persons, although one thought that it
was a bit too long. The inclusion of a glossary was also hailed as a plus, as it aided in
summarizing the lesson and highlighting its key concepts.
With regards to areas for improvement, both evaluators agreed that having to download
the lesson was somewhat of an inconvenience, and something that definitely needs remedying.
Additionally, it was felt that the word “objective” is not child-friendly, and should be replaced by
the term “what you will learn”. Another criticism is that the pre-test, which was meant to connect
the learner to his or her prior knowledge, came too early in the lesson, and that the “fill in the
blanks” section can present difficulties for a child who has spelling challenges. The purpose of

the “click on me and learn more” component of the lesson seemed unclear, and one person noted
that the audio for some parts of the lesson was too low.
The table below outlines the average rating granted by the two evaluators using the rubric
that was provided.
Organisation of Content
Copyright and Documentation
Format and Platform Transferability
Subject Knowledge
Graphical Design
Screen Design
Use of Enhancements

Rating out of 4

I think that the lesson is generally a good one, and one that is appropriate for the intended
audience, that it is aesthetically appealing, that the content, graphics, fonts and activities are
relevant and sufficient. I agree with one evaluator who indicated that the audio can be improved,
as background noises could be detected in some parts.
Undoubtedly, one of the greatest disappointments for me occurred late in the process
when we discovered that we were unable to upload our original Lectora project to Weebly due to
technical issues. Consequently, several major changes had to be made to the original, where
some background images, navigation buttons and activities had to be omitted. This, in my
opinion, compromised the end product. In addition, persons who wish to view the lesson
received an error message. My evaluators, for example, were initially hesitant to download for
obvious reasons. In the future, I am doubtful that Lectora, despite its user-friendliness and its
many attractive options for creating multimedia, will be my first choice.

In summary, having started relatively late on the project did not permit us to use many of
the skills that we have developed in this course. This is definitely something that I will change,
given another opportunity to create this multimedia lesson.