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Student-Teacher: Reem Hisham

Date: 28th - Feb, 2016
Primary EPC 2903 Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 2

Grade Level: Grade One - C
Subject: English (Journeys)
Strand: Medium
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

1- Be able to reading story.
2- To identify the new vocabulary with understand means.
3- Student will be able to ordering the story events with using their memory.

- Using English Journeys show the
story. "How Leopard Got His
- Using spelling word wall.

Preparation (what do you need to
do/make before class?)


Check the resources, open the sma
book, and prepare the Journeys bo
lesson and the activities check the
Review the lesson plan.

Key vocabulary/ Target Language

Time: 10 Whole


brown, own, very, off, never, know
out, been.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of
small group activities):

- Welcome the students and ask them the date of today and ask if they are re
to the class.
- Explain them about what they have to do today.

Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)
Activity one: ( spell the word and writing)

In this activity, teacher will ask children who can spell the word and
write it in the smart book.
Student will check his/her writing and other students focus on the
board and if the student wrote the word in error teacher will choose
another student to correct the word.
Note: children will be able to correctly a word when asked.


30 min Small

Independent Experience (small group activity 1) small group
Read the text and explain the event in orally
Materials: several texts.

- Teacher explains the activity and models it.
- Students' work: teacher has selected the text and the child has
read it and explain it what he/she understand from the text of t
story. (in individual)
- Fast checklist and evaluate their reading.
Independent Experience(small group activity 2) (Middle level)

Order the events of the story
Materials: using student's English journals.
- First of all, teacher will ask the as whole class some questions
example, What happen in the first of the story?, what happens
the next? And what happen in the last?
- Students will answers the questions in random and she will giv
them their journals that they have complete on "Tell the order i
which things happens" in writing texts of the story.

Students are done of their writing texts and teacher has checking the writing
Checking their reading texts while others do the writing activity.


5 Whole


Asking the meaning of the new words with making sentences.
- Provide them the appropriate feedback.

Reflection WWW/EBI
1- I did my lesson in good and manage the class when they sitting on th
2- Most of time, I got their attentions all the time.
Next Steps in learning and teaching

Giving more time for writing and reading.