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Student-Teacher: Reem Hisham

Date: 14th - Mar, 2016
Time class: 12:36 p.m. to 1:20p.m.
Primary EPC 2903 Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 2

Grade Level: Grade One – C
Subject: English (Journeys)
Strand: Medium
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

1- Identify and distinguish between digraph sh, wh, ph .
2- Blend and segment words with diagraph sh, wh, ph.
3- Blend and read words with diagraph sh, wh, ph.

- Using PowerPoint related to
spelling words lesson
- Flash cards spelling words
- Differentiated activities.
- Picture vocabulary words.
- Jars.
- Reward system (Compliment Jar +
Stars Jar + educational gifts)
- White boards.
- Materials (pencils, markers, cards)

Preparation (what do you need to
do/make before class?)


Check the resources, open the sma
book, and prepare the PowerPoint'
lesson and the activities check the
internet (play the website).
Review the lesson plan.

Key vocabulary/ Target Language

Time: 10 Whole

Spelling words: (8 words)
- fish , shop, ship, shell, whip,
which,when, graph.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of
small group activities):

- Welcome the students and ask them the date of today and ask if they are re
to the class.
- Explain them about what they have to do today.

30 min Small

Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)
Activity one: ( spell the word and writing)

In this activity, teacher will ask children who can spell the word and
write it in the smart book.
Student will check his/her writing and other students focus on the
board and if the student wrote the word in error teacher will choose
another student to correct the word.
Note: children will be able to correctly a word when asked.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1) Low group (in pairs

Consonant Digraphs Picture for sorting
Materials: 3 jars/boxes/bowls with the digraph cards (wh,sh,ph), sev
picture cards, white board, list of the spelling words.

- Teacher explains the activity and models it.
- Students' work: one child has taken a card and have students
place the correct picture under the letters / correct sound word
(wh, ph, sh) then another child have to write the word of the
picture card on the white board. (in pairs)
- Quick checklist and evaluate their writing the spelling words.
Independent Experience(small group activity 2) (Middle level)

Circle the correct sound that fit with the picture and write the word.
Materials: cards, markers.
- First of all, teacher will explain the activity and will give two ca
pictures and one marker for each student to write the word of
both cards.(individually)
- In group one ( 4 /5 students) for example, each child has two c
to answer after he/she finish, they can give the cards to other
students who are already done.
- One group has 4 answers at least with using cards .

Independent Experience(small group activity 3) (high level)
Write a word and use it in sentence.
Materials: Jar, worksheet, pencil.



Students are done of the activities. I will do revision by asking students to spe
the words, if they write the word in correctly spelling they will wins a star.


5 Whole


First, teacher will explain the activity and show them how to do
They will start the activity by themself with choosing a word fro
the jar , write it under correct sound and complete it by
After that teacher will check their answers.

Finally, teacher gives them worksheet for each child as homework.
- Check their work in 3 the activities by asking questions and walk around to ch
their answers.
- Provide them the appropriate feedback.
Reflection WWW/EBI
1- I did my lesson in good and manage the class during explaining the
2- Most of time, I got their attentions all the time.
Next Steps in learning and teaching

Managing time.