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S3 T4 Art Project

Elizabeth and Kacie

Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso was born in Spain
in 1881. He moved to Paris in
1901 to study art. His art style
was constantly changing. In 1918,
he married Olga Khoklova. In
1961, after Olga left Picasso, he
married Jacqueline Roque. In
1973, he died in France while at
a dinner party. His pieces rank
among the most expensive in the

Art Style
Picasso went through different
styles of art throughout his
lifetime. The periods were: Blue
Period, Rose Period, African
Period, Cubism, and Classicism
and Surrealism. His masterpieces
were very bright and had deep
meanings. Most of his paintings
were of people he knew or


This painting is Guernica. It is an anti-war painting that was
done in response to the bombing of Guernica, a village in
Spain, by German and Italian warplanes. This painting
includes a mixture of cubism and surrealism.

Dora Maar Au Chat
Dora Maar was Picasso's
mistress. Picasso fell in love
with her when he was 55.
He painted a portrait of her
that is very dramatic and
symbolizes his love for her.

This painting is called
Avignon. This was completed
in his African period. Avignon
is not a 3D painting. This was
a revolutionary and
controversial work as most of
his other masterpieces were.
Avignon is a bit cubist.

Boy with Pipe
This is Boy with Pipe. It was
painted in 1905 when
Picasso was 24. It was
painted during the Rose
period. This painting was
sold for $104 million.

The Weeping Woman
This painting is called
Weeping Woman. It was
completed in 1937 and was
finished during his period of
cubism. The model for this
painting was Dora Maar,
Picasso's mistress.

Georges Braque
Georges Braque
painted in the style of
Cubism dealing with
landscapes. Picasso
also did this.

Jean Metzinger
Jean Metzinger
painted portraits in the
style of cubism. Pablo
Picasso did this too,
notably his portrait of
Dora Maar.

Juan Gris
Juan gris painted in
the style of cubism
with bright colors, just
like Picasso.

Head of a Woman
Picasso is most famous
for his paintings.
However, he completed
over 300 sculptures, but
they are not nearly as
popular. This sculpture is
called Head of a Woman.


Pablo Picasso

Kacie and Elizabeth

Pablo Picasso se nació el veinticinco de octubre de mil
ochocientos ochenta y uno. Los estilos de Picasso cambió de
azul, rosa, Africa, Cubismo, Clasicismo, y Surrealismo. Él pintó
mas que dos mil pinturas. Las pinturas más famosas son
Guernica, Avignon, y Dora Maar au Chat. Muchas pinturas eran
de sus amores. Nuestra obra de maestra se modelado de la
pintura de Pablo Picasso. Esta obra de arte esa un retrato de
“Dora Maar”. El estilo de la pintura es Cubism. Simbolismo de su
amor para Dora Maar.