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Camargo 1

Liliana Camargo
Ms. Gifford
English 1-2
7 March 2016
Anthem Topic 3
Every day engineers and scientists are diligently working to create. Create innovations
the world has seen. The technological advancements from which we have profited and the
scientific knowledge of which we have inherited have cleared a path for a great future of
progress; however, the future Ayn Rand depicts in Anthem is probably not the one we imagine.
During Anthem’s era of the Great Rebirth, the people have regressed back to a undeveloped time
where scientific knowledge and technological advancements have been fostered by the
restrictions set forth by the World Council.
In the 21st Century an individual would find it frustrating and difficult to endure a day
without technology. No motorized transportation. No electricity. Yet, in the futuristic society
depicted in Anthem, cars and light bulbs are still yet to be discovered. In the future, or after the
Unmentionable Times during which Equality 7-2521 lives, life has become more primitive. He
names ‘strange things’ from the ‘Unmentionable Times’ such as “. . . the wagons which moved
without horses, and . . . the lights which burned without flame” (Rand 19). It hints that during the
Great Rebirth cars and lights are not commonplace items. Due to Equality 7-2521 introducing
these objects as strange, one can conclude that his society is in an era in which modes of
transportation and lighting may not exist. Prior to the Great Rebirth auto transportation and light

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were both discovered in the late 1800s and have been innovated ever since. Although Equality's
community is unfamiliar with technology they seem to hold unique beliefs in science. Due to
Equality’s divergence he is often deep in thought and when it comes to his passion to become a
Scholar he reviews over his knowledge such as that “. . . the earth is flat and that the sun revolves
round it” (Rand 23). It manifests to be an indication that this town isn’t fully developed in their
knowledge of the solar system. In our present time the hypotheses they believe to be true have
been proven to be incorrect hundreds of years ago. It is reasonable enough to say Anthem’s
society is primeval, but why?
There is causes and effects for every situation so what is causing this township to be primal? In
the Great Rebirth “The Council of Scholars has said that we all know the things which exist and
therefore the things which are not known by all do not exist” (Rand 52). These citizens hold an
image in which they believe they have discovered every mystery disallowing them to expand on
new discoveries. On the other hand, even in the Unmentionable Times there is still explorations
taking place such as in the oceans and solar system. Although the Council of Scholars controls
the knowledge in which their community receives, they can not control the speeding of minds so
they are quick to shun on those with intelligence. Equality states “This is a great sin, to be born
with a head which is too quick” (Rand 21). If being intelligent in this futuristic world is a
disadvantage the citizens would only want to retain themselves due to their fear of not being
equal to their brothers. In our world today, having a quick head is a great value that we can
always use as an advantage. However, the townspeople of the Great Rebirth don’t have our
freedom and with the strict standards they face they are disallowed to
Under the circumstances, it would be relevant to say that without the limitations the World
Council bestows the world of Anthem would thrive in a revolution of breakthroughs. So much

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can be done with a powerful mind, but with the equality they value and the change they fear, the
World Council will hold the Great Rebirth in a stagnant period.