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Alternate Lesson Plan Format Student Teaching

Name: Haley Lacativo

Cooperating Teacher: Barbara Keith

Cooperating Teacher Initial Here________

Lesson Date: Jan 22

School: KELC

Grade Level: PPCD

Setting: PPCD

Teaching Model: Direct

University Supervisor Initial Here________

Subject/Topic: Circle Time/Transportation

Teaching Objective (ABCDE): The student will complete the train puzzle, by putting all 10 pieces in the correct order 1 out of 2 times,
with minimal assistance, recognizing the train in the picture upon completion.
IEP Objective(s): See TEKS
TEKS: I.B.1.a. Child follows classroom rules and routines with occasional reminders from teacher.
I.B.3.a. Child sustains attention to personally chosen or routine tasks until they are completed.
I.B.3.b. Child remains focused on engaging group activities for about 20 minutes at a time.
II.A.2. Child shows understanding by following two-step oral directions and usually follows three-step directions.
II.D.2. Child demonstrates understanding of terms used in the instructional language of the classroom.
IX.B.2. Child shows control of tasks that require eye- hand coordination.

Background Information: The students have learned about community helpers and have learned about some different types of
Materials: Calendar numbers, days of the week and weather magnets. Educational posters, book about trains, train puzzle, markers,
crayons, scissors

Equipment: None
Classroom Management/Environment: The students will be sitting at the horseshoe table in chairs. The students will raise their hands
when prompted to or talk out when prompted to.

Engagement/Focus: Good morning/afternoon everyone! Did you all have fun playing? (wait for responses). That's great! This
morning/afternoon we are going to do calendar, 2 posters, and then we are going to talk about another type of vehicle.

Student Objective (Today you will be able to___.): Today you will be able to put all of the pieces of the train puzzle together in the correct
order and recognize the picture of the train.

Purpose of the Lesson (This information is important because___.): This information is important because the students learn a new vehicle
and they apply their knowledge of counting, and their fine motor skills in order to complete the puzzle correctly.

Explanation/Procedures (Relate to prior knowledge; describe what you will teach & model, what the students are to do with you, and what they are to do
independently (I do, We do, You do); must include higher level questions you will answer) :
1. To start off our morning/afternoon I am going to give you a hint about what vehicle we are going to talk about.
2. I want you to make this sound Choo Choo and move your arm up and down like a whistle.
3. Somebody raise your hand and tell me what vehicle makes that sound. (wait for responses) (answer train)
4. That is right! A train makes the Choo Choo sound!
5. Today we are going to talk about trains, so if you are ready for me to sing you hello, make the Choo Choo sound.
6. Great Choo Choo sound! (point to student making sound) What is your name? (wait for response)
7. (Sing and clap) Hello (students name), Hello (students name), Hello (students name), so glad you came to school! (Repeat for
however many students are in the class).
8. I am so glad you all are here today!
9. Lets get started with calendar and then we are going to read a cool book!
10.Yesterday was Thursday. (Hold up Thursday magnet)
11.If yesterday was Thursday, then what is today? (wait for student response)
12.(Answer Friday) Friday, yes that's right! Yesterday was Thursday, so today is Friday (put Friday magnet on board)
13.Now what month is it (hold up month magnet) (wait for student responses)
14.That is right January! Our month is January (put January magnet on board)

15.Now that we have our day of the week and our month, we need a number!
16.Yesterday our number was 21. What comes after 21? (wait for student responses)
17.22 that is right! Our number is 22
18.We have Friday, January 22!
19.(Sing) Whats the weather out today, out today, out today, whats the weather out today, lets take a look
20.What is the weather doing out today? (let students look out window)
21.(Depending on what the weather is put the appropriate weather magnets on the board).
22. Today it is Friday, January 22 the weather is (whatever the weather is)
23.We have been talking about transportation and vehicles!
24.So far we have talked about racecars, different vehicles around town and
25.Today we are going to talk about trains!!
26.Trains are a type of transportation. They transport people, animals, and supplies all over the world!
27.Now we are going to read a book called Color Train, after the book we are going to do a fun craft
28.(Ready book Color Train)
29.What a great book! Someone tell me what our vehicle was in this story (Answer train)
30.That is right! Our vehicle in this story was a train! A train is a vehicle because it has wheels and it moves around from place to
31.Now that we have read our train story we are going to do an activity that has a picture of a train on it
32.Everyone is getting a picture of a train. You are going to color the train with a bunch of different colors like the train in our
story. When you finish coloring the train, raise your hand and we are going to cut your train apart and make it a puzzle.
33.(Wait until all students have finished, cut apart trains)
34.Now you all are going to do your train puzzle. Look at the numbers at the bottom of each train piece if you get stuck
35.When you are finished raise your hand! (wait for students to finish puzzles)
Modifications (what are the modifications needed in each part of the lesson) : None
Extension (what will you do to go deeper into this topic): Read a book that goes into more detail about the parts of a train and the many
different types of trains that are used. Relate the train book to community helpers by discussing the job of a conductor.
Elaboration (what else might you need to do/say to teach this skill/concept): Use the train and train track in the classroom to show the students
how the train moves and can carry different things. Have each student take turns making the train go so he/she can see and feel the
train moving.
Closure (objective & purpose are restated; address how are you going to include the students in this) :
1. Great job today! We learned about a new vehicle today, which was a train!
2. What was the new vehicle we learned about today? (wait for student responses)

3. That is right a train!

4. On Monday we are going to talk about some more vehicles, but for now it is time for snack!
Assessment (how will you know when the student knows the information or can do the skill youve taught) : The students will complete the train puzzle
putting all 10 pieces in the correct order, and recognize the train in the picture as a vehicle.
Resources: TEKS: