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December 1, 2015
Attn: Banner University Medical System
Re: Mr. Nicholas Harrod for 2016 Preceptorship


It is my pleasure to provide a letter of recommendation for my former student, Mr. Nicholas Harrod. Nicholas will be
graduating in May 2016 from the University of Arizonas Registered Nursing program with his Bachelors degree in
Nursing. I previously taught/supervised Nicholass Obstetric clinical course known as Nursing Care of the Childbearing
Family in spring 2015. This clinical rotation of 2 credits gave Nicholas the opportunity to perform in the role of the
professional student nurse in obstetrics at Saint Josephs hospital, by applying critical thinking and nursing practice to
diverse clients across the life span and in various stages of health. During this rotation, Nicholas provided excellent care
in managing his patients needs and proved to be an efficient, thoughtful, hardworking patient advocate, and solid team
In January 2016, I will begin teaching two of Nicholass required senior year nursing courses The theory course known
as, Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Systems, is a 5 credit course that introduces core systems
management and leadership content, including leadership and management roles and their application to a variety of
health care settings. The 2nd course, known as Transition to the Professional Nursing Role is a 6 credit clinical practicum
that provides an opportunity to perform in the role of the professional nurse in an acute hospital setting. Both of these
courses are senior nursing capstone experiences.
As you are aware, Nicholas is committed to a preceptorship within your facility on 5E or similarly challenging critical area.
I strongly believe Nicholas is well suited to this service endeavor given his abilities in completing all previous course and
clinical work in a timely and professional manner. From a professional service standpoint, Nicholas serves in the US
Airforce and has achieved impressive recognition for his accomplishments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Given Nicholass
accomplished skills and training, Nicholas has also has fulfilled various needs and roles for the US Airforce.
As a nurse, I have personally observed Nicholass take charge clinical initiative, clear communication skills, calm ability in
handling stress, sincere commitment to solid teamwork, committed attention to high quality patient care, as well as the
sense of caring he provides to all of his patients. These personal qualities of Nicholass, I believe, are key ingredients
leading to exceptional RN clinical practice and patient care.
Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Nicholas Harrod as one of the best student nurse applicants you will consider
among others for a preceptorship within the Banner System. I am happy to be contacted by phone to speak further about
Nicholas Harrod, and to answer any additional questions. I can be reached at 520 626-7025 or via email at
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this exceptional student and leader.
Sincerely Yours,

Mary OConnell, Clinical Instructor and Course Chair

College of Nursing University of Arizona