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Graham Vaught

Professor Padgett
English 102
February, 29th 2016
Annotated Bibliography

In what ways will having free college education affect our economy?

Proposed thesis: Even though the free college education system sounds pleasing to
a lot of people, there are hidden problems that will affect the economy in a negative
Cubberley, Fran. "The Reality of Free Community College Tuition." Journal Of
College Admission 227 (2015): 21-23. Academic Search Complete. Web. 29 Feb.
David, Haney, D. P. (2015). A Better Plan for Debt-Free College: Give Money
Straight to Students. Chronicle Of Higher Education, 62(4), 28.
The central claim of this article is that Bernie Sanderss and Hillary Clintons
plans for a free education system are the wrong solution that college education
system needs. The major evidence of the article is that the author writes about how
that there plans would further federalizing higher education accountability. The
credibility of the author is that the author is the Vice President for Academic Affairs
and Dean of Faculty at Emory & Henry College, and focused on building new
programs and developing models for higher education. The source is credible
because it come from Academic Search Complete. In this article there is a little bias
that is against the proposed free college education system by Hillary Clinton and
Bernie Sanders, but the author come up with a new plan that would eliminate some
of the bad parts in their plans. The timing of the source is relevant to my research

paper because it was published in the end of 2015, when the presidential elections
were getting publicity and the presidential primary were happing. By this source
being published not too long ago it make the information and the opinions of the
candidates the same.
Edwards, H. S., Altman, A., Miller, Z. J., & Thompson, M. (2015). But Can
America Afford This Approach to Solving Student Debt? Time, 186(22), 92-99.
The central claim to this article was to show multiple way from the
republicans and the democrats approaches to solve the student debt problem. The
major evident was the facts and statistics that were presented to show that there is
a problem to student debt and the way to solve it. In the article there is no evident
for bias because the author write about both the view point of republicans and
democrats views. The author is highly credible because she is a correspondent at
Time magazine, and was an editor at the Washington Monthly about policy and
regulation. The source is credible because it come from Academic Search Complete.
This article is relevant to what my inquiry topic is about because the article it shows
both demarcate and republican views are about the free college education system.
The article was published in 2015 which make the article revenant and accurate
about the view of both the democrats and republican view are currently about the
topic of free college education. This article is suitable to my research paper because
it show what the republican options about the free college education.
Fraser, Max. "Student Debt And The Next Bailout." New Labor Forum (Sage
Publications Inc.) 25.1 (2016): 104-107. Academic Search Complete. Web. 29 Feb.
KELLY, A. P. (2015). The Cost of 'Free' College. National Review, 67(19), 39-42.

The central claim of the article is that the cost of having a free college
education would have to be through the tax payer money and therefore the
government would control the education system. The major evidence in this article
is that the author uses Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clintons plans on how they are
going to make college education free and explains how they work and who pays for
it. The bias in the article is only on the side against free college education system
because of the presentation of the facts and how the author talks about the free
college education system. The author of the article Andrew P. Kelly, is very credible
because he is a scholar in education policy studies and the director of the Center on
Higher Education Reform at the American Enterprise Institute. The source is credible
because it come from Academic Search Complete. The timing of this article is
relevant to what I what to write about and also it was written last year because of
that the information is accurate , the article talks about why having free college is
bad thing to do because the government would control all of the school systems.
This is suitable to my research paper because it show the bad parts about the free
college education system and the impacts it will do.
Watson, Bryan D. "Preserving The Promise Of Higher Education: Ensuring
Access To The "American Dream" Through Student Debt Reform." University Of
Florida Journal Of Law & Public Policy 25.3 (2014): 315-330. Academic Search
Complete. Web. 29 Feb. 2016.

I really enjoy your topic. It seems that you succeeded in your

research and found some really helpful sources. They all seem really
credible. However, you did forget to summarize and analyze a couple of

them. The assignment did say to have six, I believe. Also, I feel like it
would really help to understand your research by including some quotes.
Quoting your sources will help to block off accidental plagiarism. I really
love this idea! You seem to be doing a really great job! Don't be afraid to
quote your sources!