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Towson University 3 MSED Portfolio Chil Study —1* Semester Classroom Observational Notes (Teacher Other Than Mentor) ate: 121/15 Reading : Actions and context of those actions (include specific examples like shouting out in class, slouching in chalr, falling asleep, etc): - One of Ur best behaect Steclenks my class. che Senss and dances :n his Seat eccassmnally, bet tS " behowed fr we most Party He si still 3 bth athch ment Plane he made. | OMY tO Beng Words and context of those words (be as specific about what he/she said and the situation): — Wier the Shdlints vere split tak partners Cherles Shell it gL ved tte fe nent wthm TD said see. Co TPilA ball of tu. gockee, While els |e C2-p) Ye Oh hell, Tr ade, i i Oe. eee ih egal Yn cars Participation in class (specific examples like never Mea eir hand, turning in homework, not trying “1h unless prompted, etc}: - Po Nzmework was turned in, Psy = - te comblekol le warmp on gram { plimat nning = Par hereated. om peading d Yo Cembletion of WO Cask, Interactions with teacher and classmates (specific examples like always writing notes to a classmate, not looking teachers in the eye, insulting a particular student, etc.): very apbpek quiet, Very limifed interscten «/ tench, Nd only interactions consisted of the feack— Guid Ing him back to his Seat, Performance in your class (specific examples like quality of work, grades on particular assignments, etc.): — Below Arecge Failins dee fo little assignneng Sebmission, Other relevant observations: Ss a ae Aimself ta Socal Settmgs. Last revised January 2009 121