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ay e prem Fowson University a MSED Portfolio ie 2 Child Study ~1* Semester Classroom Observational Notes (Mentor) Date: Waals Gea. Actions and context of those actions (include specific examples like shouting out in class, slouching in chair falling asleep, etc): - Likes fo be oleh of his seat. Closes Ue oles for Th mee. - Gels frishatel When otlers are reading 6 fie Cannet hear Yam ,o they oe reads oo Slo, ~ Stent Most of Ux class elayins wit yg With a pemerl f 9 Plone aHachoen? he mage for Yr ent, Words and context of those words (be as specific about what he/she said and the situation): ~"D didnt een hear wel pe said.” - in Tee how M - < Neca while ~ What 33 What fosss/?" See pase ee Tre Otros ay dat Yar complete corre werte |"? er tes: “I dove rw, L olamt want to" Participation in class (specific examples like never raising their hand, turning in homework, not trying hee i, -He well read We entire Passage on Vt a the te mestef UW Class reads as q utele , - Ne CMeys cbse Yhe foge: $si/s, bet Not L. Vork sheet ¢ olpneine Eillang oct We Interactions with teacher and classmates (specific examples like always writing notes to a classmate, not looking teachers in the eye, insulting agartcular student, etc: - The fegoher ferns Vici he likes b beet of his Seat. she heles him bg 2 hits hon, fh close Yo dows $ tern off Yr I ishhe, ae ies Yr bh encoviage him fo complete his wwk, Cherles istt -rebelrors frreccl Hem, fre jusp |rts wet Welly of Performance in your class (specific examples like quality of work, grades on particular assignments, etc.): i - Perlermamce -s bela avenge. uiihes > = CRAs: awe bela. Nerase. By ition Shy Other relevant observations: A Spey = liiecs be Ase ik Fora li : Last revised January 2009 120 oe