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Jason Mejia
Brandon Alva
English 2010

Gun Control
In todays society there is a big issue which divides the nations in half, due to the awful
and evil actions of others, the country has chosen a side with many few people left caught in
between. This issue is the gun control issue, where many believe that guns should be banned and
confiscated by the government from all citizens. While others believe that even in this this tough
and atrocious times, that the crimes of others do not speak for those whole who carry guns and
the right to own guns is ours because It is law. It is a sensitive topic in which it brings emotion
form people, no matter who you talk to it is a topic in which all have opinion and a side. This
country has gone through some of the most horrific times in recent history, in the past 2 years
alone there have been school shootings, shootings on our military personnel on recruitment
centers and mass shootings also, which most recently was the mass shooting of San Bernardino,
CA in which 14 people dies and 22 others injured. This has caused outrage throughout our
country that many people have cried out for the confiscation of guns, as a veteran who serves in
the Unites States Army and as a responsible gun owner also I believe that there should not be gun
control and this is why.
In example, when referring back to the shootings in San Bernardino the weapon used was
an assault rifles. In the state of California where the shooting happened assault riffles are already
banned and deemed illegal, as gun owners are not able to buy assault rifles. Now many people
have argued to me that by banning guns it will keep them off the streets and of the hands of the

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criminals, I usually counter argue with the point that it does not work that way as we sadly
learned in California. Even with being banned and illegal to buy and own assault rifles the
criminals was still able to have because of the black market in guns trafficking, if you make it
illegal you give it a value for criminals undergrounds. When I watched the news I continuously
heard reporters refer the assault rifles as machine guns, but that is far from the truth. As a
veteran I am knowledgeable in various types of firearms and just like pistols and shotguns
assault rifles are semi-automatic in which they shoot one round at a time, no different than
handguns. They are not some weapon which shoots multiple rounds at a single pull of the trigger.
In an article written by Adam Winkler from the LA times argues why bans assault rifles dont
work. He explains that in all gun related crime 3% accounted for assault rifles, only 3%, he also
stated that because of the ban criminals have just switched to others guns and will continue to do
so as other guns are banned.
I am a big believer in our constitution, it is not just a piece of paper but it is the rules in
which we would be governed that was written by our founding fathers when this country was
founded. In the constitution, in the second amendment it clearly states our right as citizens to
being able to have right to bear arms. This was a right given to us in which it should not be
infringed. In an article written by Warren Burger, he describes what is written in the second
amendment that as a country, a standing national army is necessary, along with a standing militia
in the form of a national guard, along with Americans being able to protect the home and their
families should not be challenged. I whole heartedly agree with this article, as human and as an
individual I feel that I have the right to protective myself and my loved one, and that right
shouldnt be taken away from me from other people I have never met in my life.

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I feel that a well-trained person in firearms, is a weapon, not a weapon for peaceful and
the everyday citizen but a weapon for criminals. In a study, it is said that in a federal survey
60% of 2000 prisoners said they were more afraid on armed citizens the police. (Don Kates,
George Napper) in this study they made a study in Orlando Florida, after a serious of raped they
trained 3,000-woman in handguns when the percentage of rapes went from 90% to 25% in that
county. It was stated that in Florida citizens used their firearms 645,000 times in self-defense
compared to the 581,000 uses in the crime. If someone really takes their time in training and
really understanding the consequences along with the benefits and really understand when and
why to use a firearm that they would see the benefits, and as we have seemed to fund out with all
this news out there about mass shootings is that you never know when trouble with be right in
front of you and when and it that time comes, I know that I would want to be prepared to able to
protect myself and those around me in the situation.
I wouldnt be honest if I said I had friends who would agree with me, Ive had many
discussions and arguments about this topic and I do understand some of their arguments and
reasons why they feel the way they feel. As a person I am not just about opinion but also facts,
and I am open to other opinions and views to better understand the situation, as I read articles
online I came across a certain one that was written by the New York Times called The Gun
Epidemic. In this article the author states he thinks that it should be illegal to be able to buy
firearms, he goes to say that he believes it is a national disgrace that people can legally purchase
weapons of war (New York Times). He reasoning behind this is because he believes guns are
weapons of destruction that have the ability to murder with speed and efficiency. But not only
has he made his anger to guns known but he has also redirected his anger to our leaders in office,
and believes that the responsibility to keep us the people safe is the responsibility of our elected

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leaders in office in which he believes have failed miserably. In some sort of way, I understand
why he feel and who ever feels the same way feel that way. I know some people are afraid of
firearms, everyone is afraid of something and that cant be helped, not everyone is able to train a
firearm, let alone look or hold one. Those kind of people look towards the government for safety,
the look towards police officers and security guards who roam and protect our streets. But when
people lose loved one in those types of situation they feel angry that those they put their trust in
failed them, and in the end they blame not just those who failed them but whatever caused it also,
which happened to be guns, and I understand that.
Something that really hit close to my heart was another articles I read that was written by
Steve Elliot, named Why I Destroyed My Handgun. Like me Steve is a veteran who proudly
served in our military. In this article he talked about the age he first learned to use a firearm
which was at an age of 12, it was also the age he owned his first firearm, since then he stated to
have owned many more. Like many other gun enthusiast, he loved hunting and going the range
to use and fire his weapons, but one day he said he disassembles all his guns and destroyed them.
In this article he writes that he has lost many loved ones, both friends and family to suicides and
murders. Along with all the mass shooting going on in the country, he had just had enough and
believed that those who really claim to be responsible gun owners it was time to really be
responsible and help end gun violence. He felt that having lost loved one to the very thing he
practiced and had grown up with felt like he was part of the problem, that gun owning and being
able to buy firearms and have them out in society really was bad. Know I can never understand
what he feels and those who have lost loved due to firearms, as I have never lost anyone due to
those circumstances. But once again I understand why they feel the way and why they believe
guns should be regulated. Maybe if it had happened to me I would think the way he and so many

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others think, but as of now I guess I will never now. It does break my heart to hear what is
happening around the world, what is happening to these people, maybe gun control is the
solution to this growing epidemic problem but it is not something I am completely sold on.
As I have stated before I feel that I have a right to protect myself and my loved ones
from those who try to harm me and them. In an interview with Sergeant Bronson from the West
Jordan police department he states that it all comes down to intelligent individuals and
responsible gun owning. Maybe some type of light regulations for control criminals from
reaching some type of guns, but in the end it is our right and our decision to gun own, and for
those who do so they are have to spend the time who understand what it takes to own a gun. In
the end it comes down to personal decision. As for me, I will continue to gun carry as it is my
right, but I will be responsible.

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