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Devika Kafley

American Civilization 1700
Signature Assignment

Why did colonists revolt??
# There were lots of reasons why the colonists revolt. Also it’s causes of the revolution to
them as an economic problem. The reasons colonists revolt were:
1. Colonists had to pay more taxes to Great Britain
2. Stamp Act was repealed due to colonists being stubborn and not paying, but the
British government still needed money.
3. Townshend Act.
4. Proclamation Act (1763) American Revolution as prohibited the colonists to
advice further Appalachian Mountains thus begins the resentment in colonists.
5. The policy that colonies change because of AKA the French and Indian war.
6. Tea Act (1773) forced colonists to buy tea from East Indian Company.
7. Revolutionary war English government was governing them from so far away
across the Atlantic Ocean.
8. Colonist want independence from Great Britain because they take their taxes,
those taxes were created by Great Britain to fought the French and Indian so the
colonists had to pay for it.
9. Colonists want freedom to everyone as important issues.
10. Colonists want to create new rules and want their personal value and identify.
11. Colonists they want to be free themselves from Great Britain because how they
control over them
12. Colonists believed on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
13. Colonists don’t like the policy o British government so, they believes in
representative government
14. Colonist didn’t feel like English government was protecting their rights so the
colonists revolted against the British


15. North American people valued personal freedom so; many of them had to left
Europe because of their economic and political view
16. Colonist rebelled against the Bratain because how they were separate through the
17. England want to establish colonies in the new world because to make a profit and
expand trade and industry
18. Colonists had to pay different taxes also should pay the war debt
19. The British government taxed the Americans colonists; the fact colonists had no
representation in parliament.
20. Colonists fight for their right

Reflection Exercise

In my Humanities 1100 class, I learned why humans fight. Which can be connected to
the reason why colonists fight. Some of the reasons human fights were:

Political gain.
Protect love ones.
Destroy those threaten us.
Our identity.
Equality and Glory.

Most of the reasons fit exactly with the colonist. They want to have their own identity.
They wanted to be treated with equality and glory. Colonists want to protect their families


and land. Finally, they protect to gain their liberty back. The colonist started destroying
those who threatens them and took their liberty.
In general, we fight for defense of our family and property, for our freedom and
identity. Everyone has his or her own reasons for joining this war, or fighting for it. Some
people think terrorism is a treat to freedom, some people think we bring peace or freedom
to others, others have families who died in the trade center or children or husbands or
wives and wants revenge, or those they died in the wars.