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Thursday, April9, 20L5
Dear Amanda,

Congratulations on your nomination for the Mentee of the Year Award ! We hope your nomination emphasizes the
positive impact you are making everyday in the lives of your peers and the London community.
We are happy to announce that Mary Mann-McCavitt has nominated you for the 2OL4-2O15 Professional Mentoring
Program Mentee of the Year Award and provided the following recommendation, which we hope serves as a reminder
of how your hard work, positive sprit, and campus involvement does not go unnoticed.

Amondo wos a greot motch for the Professional mentorship Progrom this year. Her positive ottitude ond eogerness to
occept every learning opportunity were very refreshing. Amando wos very prooctive in introducing herself to me. She was
excited to hove the opportunity to be in the progrdm ond olso to leorn new things and meet new people. She mode greot
effort to keep me updoted on her progress with ossignments for the Professionol Mentorship Progrom and olso the rest
of her closses. Amando come and worked olongside of me one morning. We also ottended two community portner
ogencies: Regional H|V/AIDS Connection ond the lnfectious Diseose Progrom ot St Joseph's Hospitol, where Amonda
mqde some greot professionol contocts.
Despite mony struggles going on in her personol life, Amonda monoged to meet with me on o regular bosis ond complete
every ossignment. Her enthusiosms to leorn new things and meet new people were very inspiring to me. Amondo is a
very open person and o great listener os well. Amando is on exceptionalty organizgd person and schedules absolutely
everything, which I odmire. She odapted very wellto my necessory style of being very flexible in my iob. Our styles, while
quite different, worked well together! Amondo wos very pro-octive in striking up conversqtions with the residents at The
John Gordon Home. Her kind ond colm ndture set them ot eose, which is often o hord thing to ochieve when deoling with
people who are stigmotized with their physicol illness, os well as hoving addiction and mentol heolth issues. When we
ottended tours of different partner ogencies ond interviewed colleogues of mine, Amondo wos very prepored to ask
questions. She obviousty did her research on the ogencies ond olso the people t introduced her to. Amonda also educated
herself on The John Gordon Home, whot we do here, HtV and Hepotitis C; through her own reoding, which I believe wos
greot initiotive on her port and olso gave her a better understonding of the sensitivity of what we do.

Amondo's very full schedule and enthusiosm to absorb obsolutely everything she con from this progrom and her
schooling, os well as her dedicated involvement in importont fundroising community events, PLLJS manoging to care for
her fomily, ore very inspiring to me. Her compossion ond understanding for people who ore less fortunote ond
morginalized, plus her lust for knowledge ond new opportunities gave me hope thot younger people understond the need
for mutual respect and hord work. Amondo's often chootic schedule reminded me of my own life ond the need for
equilibrium ond looking after ourselves first. The best, most tqlented, driven professionol, connot function to their
potentiol, unless we first achieve this. I am confident thot Amonda will ochieve all of the goals she sets for herself. She is
o smort, tolented, coring womdn. tt hos been o pleasure to be partnered with her in the progrom. I urge her to keep
looking forward with o positive eye ond wish her the very best of everything that life has to offer.
The Student Life Centre

Brescio University College
Affiliated with Western University
1285 Western Rood
London, Ontorio Conodo

N6G 1H2
Tefir 519.432.8353