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PROFLES TWO HEADS A narvieg deve othe mind-body prc BY LARISSA MACFARQUHAR Tégitetsieesia theming scabies Their ly mina pas gon and quite colon the beach slaw lana Reath, ina ineteen-inties house ioral In thowe da they Samed tide, and the sand ie wer and ard- with smal ool ands hot mab and an habit of thinking of themselves a packed and stony. Thisesrlyons San~ herb garden. Each summer, they mi assligned aginst howe word and ‘ty, there are often only two people ratenorh to atiny bland off the Van- although they are now both wells here on de California oat ut north couve cot, Bothace profesor of phi Es intel ed the hat ingen. of San Diego, Ptticia Churchland is losophy a the Universty of California “For the fst wenty-fve years of| throwingsmibberhallintotheoceinfor_ a San Diego. They have been talking our cree, Pat and T wrote nly one her two dogs (Ferges and Maswell, about philosophy together sine they paper together" Pal sys, “purty be golden rivers) co fc, atec we waned wo avoid Fler hosband, Pool Church ‘We wrote more than Jand is sting next het hats Pata Thy ts bh wear bey “Together? I thought sweaters. They ae i teit BAA Seking be Wid Eptemic sly sities, They ae tl agin wa the ist” ‘hes five fot ht esc “There was ‘Pune fect five. They cote here aism, Intentonality, and very Suny at dwn Whatee”™ Patisconstinty in meton, *O.K, so there's. In theowing the al, stepping the early stager, when Pat backwa,ubbing ker bands wrote her papers ae said, toe Walking foward ina Paul, you rally had be of ‘agp, acy Shae Input Sato this should we jacope Doped par your arn oni? Pay, ‘ap alr lok of someone RoI doit want penplesay ‘wholes ng ouside nthe ing Pats salling on Paul's oid Grea ten tira cone She looks ak dhoh she were “The miding obsesion of tsjoyng aban wind) She shete eefeiral Roem secmsyoungethan she she ancient pliloop bial pura, tas cmon malay oF the mind-body probe dhe eon driven to prove her- problems of how to ender fclthe ft to jump off a bidge into rac, which to ay more ore since stand the lationship between concous fering water. Bal sands hea, hi either of them encountered the alec. experience andthe bs, Are they i hands in his pockets. Heiss He Theytextidens on eachother they crt- free ea the mind a id of sri nudges st ase wih his fot Helooks iat each othert were At chie point, the btn, Gea? Orae they the sme ‘pand sles aie wis buck He his they have shaped each other so pro- su, ther seeming difeenc jus pe abick beard. He lok like the sor of foundly and their ideas are wo inter- cally inractable sion? Andi they reson who Sct soothing to chop his _twined that iis impossible, even for are the same suf if the mind isthe cm wood (id in ct be that at of then, to xy where one ends and the bain, how can we comprehend that eran) ‘othe begins. Thee work so similar fac? What can ir poesly mean to sy PaslardPstmetwhenshewasnine- thi they are sometimes discussed in dit ny experienc of ecg ble is teen and he was tent, and they have journals and books, scone pean, Sore some tenga cp of ase ard meme been maried for almost fory years. of thei theories are quite ada, and brane an salu? Theyare both Canadian; she grow op arthesta oftheir caters the Church- Thief wine enescetemeton— on ann inthe Okanagan Val, he, lands were not amas taken seriovsyt_appreension mixed with conc, sy. in Vancouver They hare to chien sometimes thee ideas were thought ‘Then thine, Tht ing and ee Peal end Patria Chuvblnd psd pound phiboprstepay attention to neureiens,Poteraph by Stew Pye — eeecesaaer ace een =a See ame aie Sonoma ase eg Se aes ee Saas a Saunt Sea are pak Sfecimens Serie ae Sooner eae ee aaa Sneearee oes eau pops pets Plea Sommer si produces anima) oxen the rind (ageertor producing caren) ‘imagine ay of oe things oe ‘shea thatthe dan che bran tins fon cach ther The ticks {orem the ata sures ten ‘The problemi no one of knees the problem ir one obdoite, ate: ‘ntinds ttc gp at we be Ieetobe tne Sone popes nk thr wea aero the prdeor—that ou thousand yeas ofoyng and fang i dat ht ly we 9 more bl ofoigs than got can doa {eh Other bale tht someday 2 ‘oneal eatin will pla, on sparith dos of Copeman Dare ‘and holt once wl be eae ‘how mater and mind, bein end coo soonest on thing, Pal and Pat {Cnn ether mindy bln wl eco oo by pln Fest y neuen an tour resent knowles opty thet we oul nt undead te whim een $host preset ule "Sop- pose yate acelin pst wonder Ingabout de bring wou Pats tony inher dae "You Abert ‘Magn, y. One igh,« Marian comes down ar whispers, Hey, Albee tm the boning of wood se pd tin! What eld heb Heke “Idon't knoe ifs me or the syste, butt seems barder ‘and bande to makeamakery of ustce.” ostructrl chemist he dest sow ‘wha onygen i he doesn't ow what tn element ihe eouldst make any ‘seme of. And ise Bie nigh chat Suze oamiient Marta came dow, and si Fey, ar, cosccumen i r= sly blsjeakagid I would be simi Inrly confined, because nereacinse i |pstnocfir enough long” Palsophers fave ahem thought aboatohat means to be made of eh, but the intoduc= on ot the diipine of we, nee, ‘complet, and redundant ealecion of reurnal connections i lately new. Nowadays, it seems obvious to many philosophers thi ity ae inerested Intheate they shel pay aenon ‘eurscience, bu tis as noe allot ‘cohen Patand Pal were staring out, and that is now isin some measue ‘dto them. “The Church ike oy a fara posible, not only r belie tat they themes ae thorugh physical cs ‘ures but abo to fel eo expen thee houghsas bodily senators They nave nee thought: ediniaishimenc oF Jnuannes think of thei eons es 5 esh—qulte the oppoite, And ‘eyare mois leas they aren phi Josopy they wonder what sr of o2- santo thei marrige its body adie ‘mental, beginning when they were unformed and vey young —all those sya of hing he sme ides ae the sane dianer, When they met, Pa and Pat were qite dire, fom eachother and ffom what they are now knew Shout astronomy and electromagnetic {heory, she about biology and novels Bur at ime went on they ought cach other what they knew, ad the tinge ‘hey did't share lay. Tei nity was ic hat tei wo chien ow i die dhiior gre op, poke ‘Sonal speaking, almost identical: both ‘obtained PhDs in neuroscience and now sty monkeys, Paul sometimes ‘thinks of Pat and hinvel a two bemi- spheescfthesumabain ironed ‘noerainfansons bur bound together by oue and neuronal pathway orn ‘nunique directions by shaed indents snd habit Tit not any of trans irene beeen them even ond om ‘nd no envparent to oneself, Pal ‘elves, so imagine his wi’ bein joined fo iss merely o exaggerate ‘what i acl the case ong ie hing ne oe shared sll "a iy the wy oH your Ica you dent Le any ober i? Pacey“ don't know wat wold fave been Bee #Teen ado A ett lange “Something shard foeme coinage? “Tenk the two of ws ave been, {int eve ora age are Scetlthan alee vealshne been uinyom Palo. Taew ander studi: beter a de preamets eteonabing odo withthe bss You Eid ey, well we exchanged oof nai bhatt of the story.” (Oxytocin isa peptide pro- dhe inthe by dng og and trac ating whe top nt themes pei jes hey become more ting nd copes) "Towa exe has athe cone cope meer and hoes per fd meando hate heT done ht re Tk hea ferisaneronmous een But dct Kopel town” Weve heen arid hirscyears, sed I gies weve loom exh othe Fey br croc ta Ths slag ine “Thiy-teren years, Were we sma 92 Anos hy “Trica lg tee The ide scang in A er more ropa arived tthe besc—ere Ee now a couple ofc pated next to the Chuchond' hte Toyota Se ‘Sct Pet and Pal wal oad the al The dogcome runing out the exwetandbukig, yt Chucchland grew up in ral Buitith Columbia, Her parents ‘ened an orchard—in the sume the ‘Okanagan Valley is hoe enough for peaches.“ We used toeple pople with ones of ft on the frm becae they Ahougheiewss rom theninetoenth tary Pats. "Yo hed chiens, you had cow,” Paslaays, "Wedidrithaveanindoor ctu Towa seven. We had two-hole, and people actly i stn theloo gether. Tom tse iain no" ‘When Pat was a teen-age, she ‘word in fie-puckingplane Nether lof her parents was formally educated othe sch rds In ber derstand Fg oem, hs kind of choo important To co Tm inthe mide of rowhere means ‘bat you bine no pate or ering, don are interested only in whether 3 Thing works or not And iit dost sera eer ie ou hwo Iyoung odo ‘you ‘When Pst went to cole, she de ied taht toler about the And whats nligence, what i {enon waist bae emotions She found eat hese questions were sat being seed inthe fst place she loos, pychology—many pseolo- iss then wore behavior they free dmtnedrentari asopey, Soate ined ng lig ounce Sh met Pal ina Bocas be on ‘more year. She son dicovered that the or of pileopy she was being tag was not what the wa ooking foe Atthe tine nthe inceenis, Angles peeps” ‘apd wth language many poo ps thr has ung the confine and inscerence in he ‘wsypeople poke inthe bee hat i= tgtiments wer ois manawa Rp and thar our concepts were et terol out thn ur king wou ‘lebecerer Tired ogre appeal forPat, buronetigledo aotber the find hen phlsophy gra sce choo at he Univer of Pia burgh The dearnen war rong in ploy ofa, nd toe eet Pre fond people thre wh agreed hat entry ngage pop as at ‘eile Ae itburgy he ol. V-O- (inc eok Werdand Obj which Yd been pub a ow year cues, te se lee to her del, hat ‘es posible to qucsion the dineton Neoenempiialtlconsptal wu ‘col coui popy cone ‘ethene; cal een be kd of ‘Af ayea she moved > Oxford © doaB Phd Pibsphy Oxf athe tine was very fr from: Pbargh— ute conser not at all empicay Grened Not eomed be ner ‘Sted in wha se wasted nd when be ed ode what he warp escltostewesbad wit ewovall sy corgi Ste as eginig el tht hosp jt at oat. “Thgidea eed betta you yee yur concept ecco that outs teh theatre oF ngs” Bo aye ‘rs at pnts? Sere dot mre fo Cada a fometing decay, mayb gine tase ut meni Pal Cache tad a ren ph he git hedtod when heywerendetactes and hd dened punter He Came overt Oxford fr the ne, fd they rented ie ae toes on ty Rend Pal ad aed nk ingaboathow you might seh feces blink sou te ind ed tewooed Pat with hi re Ae Pitsburg, where he had alo gone fr grhatecoalhebadlexmed Cote aapiow of nti pas Che eth you could eh wo Sieve fa res sbutar= crrd—tatyu cold oot ee on ecing, he ching) Coie erage pl nd fe fom ta they speed oe He consul ht we cot ely po cevin wor rh the med font ene tot ota nat {eth wep aeons retest ight be aoe by ifieent ‘hinges lnicpe tan apoet—bot oft west In thee of Shara Pat cane ook a p= hy git dient. “Tsaye in the bald Beemer of Pal? sho sy “Gradually, Toul see al inds of things do and I could ee what counted as progest” Porgy cul ‘ctl change your espero he worl, she rene. And i could “ge you experience ofthe wold then ad the potential to do impor tant wel pore a har of = ce ret ong something ins wl dfreat vay wat He d= coving new thing, Prlssegorap ana rte ‘vase ina fry with pac ‘bat his ithe are boston ‘ompanyin Vanover, then ag fener aoc high choo. Hie mater took in Sewing, "Tguce The long known that thee -waconly the brain” Pats, Wen you were se years old" Pa on, “Well no, ofcourse not” [HE NEW YOU FEY 8 Aoor