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9 February 2016

Dear those friends of mine who smoke marijuana and want it to be legalized but are totally
ignorant of its damages and say that marijuana never hurt or killed anybody,
Starting off with giving my stance on marijuana use for recreational
and medical uses, I do not use it but I want it legalized. I have yet to meet a single person in my
life who uses marijuana, for whatever reason, and actually knows how it works and what it does
to your body, good or bad. It is plainly evident that there are uses for medical marijuana and it is
beyond me why it is not legalized across the United States for medical use. The biggest problem I
have with marijuana use is that in my life there are few people who argue for or against marijuana
use that can remove bias and give actual evidence besides saying it is the devils work or
marijuana never hurt anyone. There are some things you guys have told me about marijuana
and I tell you what actually happens without bias towards the subject.
Marijuana does not cause cancer. - Your lungs are in an extremely controlled
environment with many defenses and traps to keep out debris, organisms, and even water. When
anything gets into your lungs there are minor damages that can be repaired through time. There is
currently no scientific evidence to show that marijuana itself causes cancer but the act of smoking
or vaping anything into the lungs can increase the chance of cancer. Cancer is formed when a
damaged cell tries to replicate or there is a problem in the replication process and your body
doesn't catch or find the broken cell before it duplicates itself. Anything that causes the body to
replace or replicate cells more than normal technically increases the chance of cancer to occur.
Smoking or vaping increases the chance of cancer.
You can't get addicted to marijuana. - A study endorsed by the National Institute
of Drug Abuse shows that around nine percent of people become dependent on marijuana and is
greatly increased if started in adolescence. There are even withdrawal symptoms. There are other

types of addictions not included with chemical dependency that marijuana can fit into.
Marijuana never hurt anyone. or Marijuana has never killed anyone. - This is
what makes me the most mad at you and I hear these the most out of any of the other asinine
arguments. While high from the THC the body can have, altered senses, altered sense of time,
change in mood, impaired movement, difficulty in problem solving, and impaired memory. The
greatest problem presented with these short term effects are what you do when you are high,
specifically driving. Driving while under the influence is extremely dangerous. In Colorado,
where marijuana is legal for recreational use, 14.76% of the total traffic fatalities were related to
marijuana during 2014, the first year of marijuana being legal in the state. Lowed inhibitions are
also a problem while high, while it may not be as dangerous you may do something you would
not normally do while under the influence. Marijuana has very detrimental effects on people who
start using it at a young age. Marijuana use as an adolescent can inhibit brain development and
can lower IQ. Those who start as an adult do not have any of these problems. Marijuana sativa
increases the heart rate for up to three hours, this may be problematic for those with heart
problems. Just as there are problems with alcohol use during pregnancy there are problems with
marijuana use. Marijuana use during pregnancy has been attributed to challenges with the child's
attention, problem solving, and memory. Due to THC being fat soluble it can stay in your system
for up to four weeks with heavy use and can be transferred in breast milk. Marijuana use has been
linked to temporary paranoia and worsening symptoms of paranoia. You tools have told the same
story multiple times about you guys and our unnamed friend getting high in the mountains and
you guys racing home down the mountain in her car while you are all freaking out because she
was somehow worried her parents were watching. There is the another story about another
unnamed friend getting high and posting an unfortunate revealing video on Facebook that caused
a lot of tension in our group of friends because you are all a bunch of dipshits who like the drama
despite your complaining (rant for another time).

I just want you guys to not sound so ignorant and I want you to know how it effects
your body. I have nothing against you guys smoking or using marijuana and I even respect you
assholes for making an effort to not smoke around me without me even asking or hinting. I want
it to be legalized because it seems to be more harmful when not regulated than when it would be
regulated. You guys know me though, whatever floats your boat dude.

I don't actually care though,

Mike addiction
%20colorado%20the%20impact.pdf colorado traffic deaths 2014 general info

This is a little pamphlet thing that will give you a little info about the dangers of marijuana use. If
you want to be an ignorant prick then just go recycle this or learn the dangers and choose to
ignore them like a normal human being then go recycle this.
Nearly 30% of marijuana users have some scale of marijuana use disorder. Withdrawal symptoms
from severe marijuana use disorder can be
The withdrawal symptoms can last up to 2 weeks. The chance of having marijuana use disorder as
an adult increases 4 7 times if started as an adolescent.
Heavy and frequent smoking of marijuana can be linked to chronic bronchitis and an increase in
lung infection. Vaping is frequently seen as a better alternative but the long term effects of vaping
is currently unknown.

Children who were born to women who smoked during their pregnancy are more likely to have
problems in problem solving, attention, and memory, We have very little information on the
matter and this may be caused by other factors.
Marijuana related traffic fatalities in Colorado in 2014. 19.26% of all traffic fatalities that year
were related to marijuana use. Because some asshats decided to drive under the influence they
killed themselves or others.