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Kyle Roberts

Laura Knudson
Reading Response 3, what defines me?
What defines me? Is it my material possessions? My circle of friends? What good are
labels to a person when all they do is set limits? Im a college student in North Carolina in the
year 2016 where technology is taking over and building get bigger as forests continue to get
smaller. A hard days work has no value in todays youth and brand names are more important
than people. The countrys flag bears the colors of our ancestors vision of a prosperous and
united nation red white and blue, but all of the turmoil and negative tension within the nation has
painted it green.
What do you see when you look at me? What category do I fit into? Is it the muscles and
tattoo that pat labels on me or is it my background? Whether its my physical characteristics or
my biological make up that are responsible for my generalization they still do not depict the
being that is, and always will be, Kyle Roberts.
Why does human nature make it normal to categorize people so easily? What is so
comforting about conforming? What is so mind numbing to a man about a pretty girl? It seems as
though he will suddenly have tunnel vision and do any means necessary to impress and or
befriend a person he doesnt even know! This all occurs with little to no contemplation and
almost a complete disregard for a negative outcome. Why? Is it something in the brain that
causes this behavior or is it the effect of something as simple as, typical male behavior? The
answer is not clear or easily defined. Its this that and other things all collectively contributing to
individuals uniquely and sometimes similarly. The answer lies within the individual and reflects
off the choice he makes
What else does typical human nature provoke, if anything at all? What about the success
of an individual inspires a fire in the belly in others to perform at a higher level? What compels
a person to care? I believe inside every person sits their light. Their purpose and inspiration. All
over the world the interpretation of this light is argued as well as practiced in many different

Kyle Roberts
Laura Knudson
ways. People base their entire existence on such interpretations and many have died for their
beliefs. The light represents your soul that makes each person different. It is a lot of things. A
religion to some and only a component of life to others. What controls some and is entity like to
others can be the source of so many incredible things on any level of society assuming
differences didnt hinder progress so much in our time. Without this blockade perhaps such
prosperous endeavors could take place with ease, but only time will bring change because
change is the only constant. Perception determines the path of inspirations that ultimately shape
the journey determining who you are and what life means to you.
What does my character reflect about me? What makes a persons character considerably
good? Question upon question searching for one answer a million different ways. All different
perspectives and passions acting as driving forces behind such inquisition. After all is said and
done the question itself is no longer what we seek to answer but instead it becomes a guide to
your final conclusion.
Take a second and ask yourself, what defines you? Whether it is your pride or passion
that shines brightest through you let it not speak for you, but speak volumes about you. Dont let
generalizations put a glass ceiling on your aspirations or your own abilities. Boundaries are
meant to be broken, and limitations tested. So whether your inspiration is big or small, one thing
or a collection of them all, dictate on your own what is the true defining factor and never stray.
What defines me you ask? To you I ask, What doesnt?.