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Olivia Rosenberg
Dr. Courtney Werner
EN 101-26 College Composition II
3 May 2016
Technology in My Life
According to the Thomas P. Hughes, he defines technology by its association with the
application of science to the practical, or useful, arts I also see technology as a creative process
involving human ingenuity, in his essay, Defining Technology, (Hughes, 4). My personal
definition of technology is more closely related to the latter explanation. In my opinion,
technology is seen more as inventions and advancements. As a member of Generation Z,
advanced technology and new inventions have always been a part of my life, and will continue
throughout my life. From simple childrens toys, to social media, to improvements for my future
career, technology will constantly be relevant.
Most of my childhood consisted of playing sports, playing with dolls, and falling off my
scooter; all of which can be considered technology in their own ways. At five years old, I joined
my first little league tee-ball, and later baseball team. The game of baseball, to some, may be
considered a technology or advancement. Dating back to 14th century England, stoolball and
other baseball-like games were played for entertainment. Other ball-and-stick games such as
lacrosse and stickball can be linked back to games played by North American Indians.
Popular dolls for young girls, including Barbies, Polly Pockets, and Bratz dolls
consumed majority of my time whilst playing inside. These dolls can be loosely defined as a
form of technology. The use of different plastics, synthetics, and fabrics used to create the dolls
bodies and clothes were all improved and invented through the advancements of technology and

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further understanding of different kinds of chemicals and substances. As a typical tomboy
growing up, I was more often than not found with it numerous amounts of cuts and bruises up
and down my arms and legs, which of course I did not mind at all. All the cuts and bruises on
my ankles were caused by none other than my Razor scooter. As a combination of a bicycle and
skateboard, a scooter is designed with a platform with two wheels on both ends and handlebars
to maintain ones balance. The scooter, like any other mode of transportation, was invented
through inspiration, intuition, and planning, and caused by the continuing advancements of
technology. Primitive scooters have been handmade in industrial urban areas for at least 100
years. Usually created with old metal scraps and wood, the modern scooter has since been
improved with all metal designs and padded handlebars. Childrens toys are just the stepping
stone to a persons introduction to the worlds inventions, creations, and technologies.
As a preteen, to teenager, and now developing young adult, social media has played a
pivotal role to my further understanding of anything and everything occurring in the world
around me, as well as my growing character and personality. Inventions such as the computer,
cellphone, and tablet have allowed for users to quickly interact with one another and to the news
of the world. Starting off on websites as a child such as Club Penguin, I was able to interact with
other children from across the country and even the globe. Social networking sites including
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now even Snapchat have not only kept me updated with the
lives of my friends and family, but also on developing news stories and worldwide controversies.
Social media allows for young adults to get their feet wet to the true adult world by reading and
understanding global issues and developing their own opinions and even political views. With
the upcoming presidential debate, young adults have not only voiced their opinions on the
headlining candidates, but also have encouraged other teens to register to vote and make their

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small voice heard. Opinions on social injustices such as the killing of a young Michael Brown
have been seen throughout Facebook and Twitter and online petitions and surveys have been
created to serve as proof for different subjects and topics to be changed and amended. Malcolm
Gladwell discusses the difference between active involvement and the importance of social
media throughout his essay, Why the Revolution Will Not Be Retweeted. Similar to teens
influencing others to register and vote, Gladwell explains that the only way to make a true
change in a cause is when one goes out to make the difference themselves by doing fundraisers
or protesting, although tweeting and posting on social media can still influence others to do the
Similar to the opening of world issues to me, social media has also become an outlook to
funny jokes and pictures to me. The creation of the meme has caused the upbringing of
continuing jokes, pictures, and one-liners. Throughout his article, What Does It All Meme?
Sam Leith reviews the origin and meanings of the term meme and considers the possible effects
and consequences of instant media events for culture and society. Leith defines a meme as a
unit of cultural transmission a contagious idea, (Leith, 140). Memes have spread from funny
cat pictures, to tags Olivia was here, to random reaction pictures, to simply replying to same
to random occurrences. I am guilty of all of these. In fact, majority of the texting conversations
I have with my close friend Amy are reaction pictures, memes. Teenagers use memes all over
social media, especially Twitter, and now adults are starting to use them too on Facebook.

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From a different perspective of technology, the medical and nursing fields are vastly
improving and becoming more advanced through the development of new inventions and
programs. As a nursing major, I will be exposed to the continually changing medical
technologies during my years in college and throughout my professional career. Emerging
technologies that are currently changing the practice of nursing include 3-D printing, robotics,
biometrics, and electronic healthcare records (EHR). 3-D printing has revolutionized the
medical world by providing amputees with new limbs, replacing human tissue, and even creating
new organs. Just imagine the changes of medical advancements from now to about ten years into
the future when I am a professional nurse working with patients. New medical robots can also
provide ease to doctors and surgeons during operations and perform the simpler tasks.
Additionally, electronic health records offer security to patients health records and only give
accessibility to authorized personnel, while also reducing the risk of medical errors by easily
viewing what medications or care the patient needs. These mechanisms and robotics are
changing and reshaping the medical world by not only improving research, but also easing the
jobs of nurses, doctors, and surgeons.
Technology is an ever-changing industry with its constant advancements and
enhancements. The United States urge to always improve and be at the top has allowed for
recent generations to have more exposure to newer electronics and technologies, which has also
caused for them to grow up and mature faster in order to keep up with the newest trends. Just
like me, other peoples interactions with technology has grown and developed from dolls to
scooters to social media to their future careers.

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