Philippine Consulate General, Jeddah, KSA NOTARIZATION & AUTHENTICATION OF DOCUMENTS : STEPS & REQUIREMENTS (as of 01 January 2010


A. AUTHENTICATION The Consulate authenticates the following: 1. Documents that are duly authenticated in the Philippines (in accordance with the following specific steps of authentication i), which will be used or are going to be used in Saudi Arabia. (NOTE: The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) does not accept documents issued in the Philippines that are not authenticated. ) Public Documents Document 1. Birth Certificate 2. Death Certificate 3. Marriage Contract or Certificate 4. Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) 5. Certificate of Muslim Tribal Affiliation* 6. Certificate of Conversion to Islam

Steps (In Order) a.NSO b.DFA

7. NBI Clearance 8. LTO Certificate 9. Driver s License 10. Report of Rating 11. Certificate of Registration 12. Certificate of Good Standing 13. Professional License 14. Community Tax Certificate 15. Barangay Certification

a.OMA b.Shari a Court, Zamboanga City c.NSO d.DFA a.NBI b.DFA a.LTO (Main Office, Quezon City) b.DFA a.NBI b.DFA

16. Voter s ID/Certificate 17. Travel Clearance of a Filipino Minor Without Accompanying Parents 18. Alien Certificate of Registration Immigrant/Native-Born Residence Certificate 19. Court Decision/Court Order

a.City Treasurer s Office b.DFA a.Barangay Chairman b.Mayor c.DFA a.COMELEC Manila b.DFA a.DSWD b.DFA a.Bureau of Immigration b.DFA a.Court (Supreme Court; Court of Appeals; Sandigan Bayan; Regional Trial Court; Municipal Trial Courts, etc.) b.DFA

Philippine Consulate General, Jeddah, KSA NOTARIZATION & AUTHENTICATION OF DOCUMENTS : STEPS & REQUIREMENTS (as of 01 January 2010) Personal Documents Document School Records 1. College Diploma 2. Transcript of Records 3. Special Order 4. Certificate of Enrollment/Report of Grades 5. Certificate of Graduation 6. Secondary/Elementary School Diploma 7. Form 137-A 8. Special Order 9. Certificate of Graduation 10. Certificate of Enrollment/Report of Grades 11. Diploma on Technical Skills & Development Courses 12. Transcript of Records 13. Certificate of Enrollment/Report of Grades 14. Certificate of Graduation Medical Records 15. Medical Certificate 16. AIDS-Free Certificate SPAs, Affidavits etc. 17. Special Power of Attorney 18. Employment Certificate 19. Job Description 20. Training Certificates 21. Agreement/Contract 22. Affidavit of Support & Guaranty 23. Affidavit of Parental Consent/Advice/Single Status 24. Affidavit of Loss 25. GOSI Forms 26. Doctor s Affidavit Commercial & Export Documents Document 1. Certificate of Origin 2. Commercial Invoice 3. Packing List/Recap Sheet

Steps (In Order) a.University/College/School b.CHED (depending on the region) c.DFA

a.Secondary/Elementary School b.DepEd (depending on the region) c.DFA

a.School b.TESDA (depending on the region) c.DFA

a.Hospital/Clinic b.DOH-BLR c.DFA a.Notary Public b.Regional Trial Court c.DFA

Steps (In Order) For Certificates of Origin Issued by the Bureau of Customs: a.Bureau of Customs

Philippine Consulate General, Jeddah, KSA NOTARIZATION & AUTHENTICATION OF DOCUMENTS : STEPS & REQUIREMENTS (as of 01 January 2010) 4. Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill b.DFA 5. Shipping Agent s Certificate 6. Quarantine Clearance Certificate Otherwise (for all other documents) 7. Weight Certification/Weight List a.PCCI 8. Manufacturer s Certificate b.DFA 9. Commodity Clearance 10. Insurance Certification 11. Others 2. Documents issued in Saudi Arabia that are duly authenticated by the appropriate Saudi government authorities, which will be used in the Phi lippines. (NOTE: Documents issued in Saudi Arabia are required to be authenticated if they would be used in the Philippines. If written in Arab ic, they must be accordingly translated.) Foreign Documents a.Consul of the Philippine Embassy/Consulate or of the concerned Foreign Embassy/Consulate in the Philippines b.DFA B. NOTARIZATION The Consulate notarizes documents executed by Filipinos who are within its area of responsibility and will be used in the Philippines like special powers of attorney, affidavits, deeds of conveyance, pleadings for submission to courts of law in the Philippines, certifications, etc.


Patterned after HK PCG s matrix on the same subject.

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